2nd Generation 113HX 4:1 SS Gear Set

Started by Black Pearl, December 10, 2015, 03:26:35 PM

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Been eying this set for the last few weeks.

Anyone that has a Penn Baja Special, how are these black pearl gears as compared to the factory ss gears in the Baja? I have a Baja its my go to halibut reel and is quite smooth and quiet. I have a used 112h with used black pearl gear/pinion that is much louder than the factory Baja ss gears. Does anyone own the black pearl gears in a 113h and a Baja that they can campare as far a smoothness of feel and noise?




Actually I'd like to take back what I said about the 112 gears as this was a used reel that I did not build so I don't know 100% the source of the gears. I also don't know the background of this 112h other than the previous owner tells me they are BP gears. The only thing I can tell is that it has pretty noisy gears. Ive had it apart and the gears both main and pinion look brand new. Just wanted to ask about the noise and smoothness before I drop roughly $170 on all the black pearl SS internals for my 113h.

Thanks again,


Black Pearl

The reason my gear set is kind of louder because most of my gear sets are made with 416 graded stainless steel with heat treated. It will quiet down as it uses more and more.


   What Black Pearl has stated is true. I have many of his gear sets in different reels. I like them. He has provided a fantastic service for those of us looking to improve an older design.

 However the gear sets in US 113, Torque 2 speeds & the now discontinued Torque star Drags are among the best in the industry. When it comes to smooth & staying that way for a long time.  I'm not saying Black Pearls gear sets dont do this ... because they do. I know this. We need to understand for gears to start out smooth & stay that way for a while takes some doing. This will be passed down in the form of cost to the buyer.

  One popular manufacture of great bike parts that I'm no fan of when it comes to reels I use, makes soft gears that start smooth & can soon feel like sand & gravel in a single season if you fish & push them a bit,  several days of most weeks Add to this, parts can be an issue after just a few years Fine reels if you only fish a few times a year... Jeff