Okuma Cavalla 50Wii

Started by boghy, February 10, 2011, 09:19:01 AM

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Has any of you actually used this reel on big fish? I am planning to buy one (CA50W II) as an upgrade to my Penn GD30II. I'll be using it for marlin. My TG30II has been doing good so far, and I presume the Cavalla is a similar design. I'll be using it with JB backing and 80# topshot.
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any way we can get the pics to show for the drag upgrade?


As former owner of the 50WII see no reasons to change the cf washer. The problem not to get full drag is the Adjust Block. Is made from unknow plastic and too soft. Recommend to replace with parts from the Makaira 50WII. The Block is made from metal (part nos. as per att.)

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