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Offset handles

Started by Three se7ens, January 04, 2016, 02:53:01 AM

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Three se7ens

Ive been working on a new design for the offset handles.  The design I was using on the bigger reels doesnt work as well when scaled down.  So I went with something a that's closer to what most production reels now use. 

Like it or dont like it, Id like to hear your thoughts on the design.  I have thought about adding a second hole for the gear sleeve so you could choose between longer or shorter.  Is that something you would like to see?


I like it Adam. How about a full radius on the end instead of being squared off. I think it would blend better. Just an opinion though. My new knobs would look great on that handle.
All the best,  ..  Lou

Alto Mare

I like it as well Adam. I'm with Lou on the end, a radius would look better there
Forget about all the reasons why something may not work. You only need to find one good reason why it will.

David Hall


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real good, two holes on the handle seems like a nice option too

The Baja Guy



Build it they will come...

luck is the residue of design.


Reely fine - I'd go with an xtra mounting hole

Newell Nut

The offsets work nice. I have been using the Torium 30 handles since trying one from Ulua Junkies. These handles are balanced perfect for a Newell. They are chromed brass and very sturdy. SS of course is always more appealing.

Three se7ens

I updated the design of these, and will be offering them to fit 112H/jigmaster, 113H, and Newell reels initially.  Ill work on fitments for the  6/0 and the daiwa 600h/900h soon. 

With the handle set to the short position, its a little shorter than the Sal's Handles, and on the long position its about 5/8" longer. 

Ill have these available soon, I need to check on material pricing before I finalize the price.  Im expecting around $21 for the newell and 113H sizes, and $20 for the 112H/jigmaster sizes though. 

I do have 7 of the ones in the first picture (with the single position) available for a 113H now.  They are not listed on my website, PM me if you want to order.  Price will be $17 each plus shipping. 

Alto Mare

Adam, keep two of those that you're showing aside for me. Thanks!

Forget about all the reasons why something may not work. You only need to find one good reason why it will.


I'm in for one. Thanks Jamie


I really like it. Nice drag star too

Ron Jones

They look very nice. What exactly is the atraction with offset handles?
Ronald Jones
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