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Started by alantani, January 09, 2016, 10:07:19 PM

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I'm no expert but it looks like stainless to me. You should put some backing on it before loading it with mono with a 3 piece spool.
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That's a problem with the penn torque 7 and 9,,,, ;) you could straighting it out and weld it to give more straight but that's my only option,,,,, ;D


Thanks for the replies.

I'll stick with the Dacron backing since it's a 3 piece spool, but I'm still curious if the flanges and arbor are chromed brass or stainless.  When searching the topic here, I see both suggested.  Has anyone ever cut into a 3 piece spool with this finish to actually see if there's brass underneath?

Bill B

The spool looks to be stainless steel.  Try sticking a magnet to it.  While not always accurate it might tell you if it is.  And yes definitely put some Dacron on the spool first.  Bill
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Thanks for the suggestion, Bill.

I tried the magnet test when I first looked at it, but it wasn't magnetic.  I expected this, but had to check some stainless around the shop and a kitchen pan to confirm that they are all the same.

I'll eventually find a trashed spool with this finish and do a little destructive test to find out.

Thanks all,


fridge magnet...  rare-earth magnet...  or something in-between (strength-wise)?


The spool is chrome plated brass.

Any magnet will work but some grades of stainless  steel are magnetic.
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Thanks for the answer Lee.

I was trying several magnets to see if it could be a magnetic stainless, but thought it was unlikely.



QuoteThe 300-series stainless steels have varying degrees of nickel making them mostly non-magnetic. Devoid of nickel and with a grain structure similar to carbon steel, the 400-series stainless steels are slightly magnetic.
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The #9 and 109 came with a Chromed brass spool even when the other level wind reels had changed to stainless.  If yours had asbestos drags, the original spool was very likely chromed brass.  Also, the 9 you have is rated for 15# mono.  No backing is called for by Penn.  It is designed and was guaranteed to handle 15# mono.  They are good strong reels and fun to use.  Perfect for big sheepshead in my world.  Never had a spool go south on me in my life. 

While yours is technically a 3-piece spool, it isn't the type that was coming apart in the early days of monofilament line.

I believe someone has already cut various spools open, pulled them apart, etc.  The photos and discussions are around here somewhere.
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