avet's response to the grease issue

Started by alantani, December 22, 2008, 04:36:25 PM

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Quote from: alantani on November 05, 2022, 03:42:46 PMharry and sarkis from avet apparently believe that grease decreases the drag pressure when the reel heats up.  they actually might be correct.  even so, it's my contention that a smooth drag is more important than the risk of losing drag.  hey, the reel has a lever.  want more drag?  just push the lever forward.  ::)

Drag is of course, very important —- however, just relying on drag numbers will ignore the other things that are just as important when handling/controlling a large fish —-

Smoothness —- at start-up, strike, and during a fight, plus the ability to back off the drag quickly with no jerkiness when conditions warrant.

Rod-Handling —- one of the most over-looked aspects of landing large fish.

Proper and smooth drag operation after being stored for a year or two.  (Yeah, I know we all should service our reels annually —- but most of us don't).

Rust and corrosion prevention to insure best operation and reduce replacement of expensive parts.

Plus, a more enjoyable and successful fishing trip.

I will easily trade a couple of pounds of drag reduction to achieve better fishing results.

Alan has taught me that grease is key.

Manufacturers do not want to recommend things that they cannot control once the reel leaves the factory.

Really can't blame them.

Best, Fred
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