tunas at the banks!!!

Started by Danny Osuna, February 17, 2016, 02:15:09 AM

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Danny Osuna

another great day at the office for Marla's sport fishing with cap. Danny Osuna aboard the Marla.
we started at 5:30 am heading our way to the banks, so we arrive to the pinnacle around 8 am, and we put our bait gear in the water to catch skipjacks to use for bait to target black and blue marlin or a big cow tuna!!
so first pass to the pinnacles and our lines goes off and we landed 5 skipjacks we had to make one more pass to complete all the bait we needed so we rigged 4 skipjacks and we started slow trolling heading toward the west off the banks where all the predator were concentrated feeding along the drop off.
after trolling for 3 milles we got to the tuna Ali. birds and tunas feeding all around our boat for maybe 2 milles so very exited we are waiting for the strike and sure did happens the down rigger goes off on a short tuna bite, but only left few teeth marks on the skipjack and that was it. and we troll for 2 more hours for no bites!!
so we set a drift right on the school of tuna so we fish the kite and the helium balloon and 2 fly lines and 2 deep drops for 1 hr and we only cough a jackcravell was not looking good at this point.
so we decide to try the skipping bait technique so we rigged the skipping bait to the kite and here we go!!
sure an off the bite went on!!!
we did the first pass to the bird school of course we had our finger cross hoping for a bite , there it is a nice yellow came up and crash on the skipping bait making a big explosion and the reel went zzzzzzzz game on!!
so we scored with 5 nice yellowfin 30 to 65 lbs and miss 7 others what a way to end up our fishing excursion!!

David Hall

another fun day with the Osuna Bro's.