inshore pargo bite!!!

Started by Danny Osuna, February 22, 2016, 01:34:51 AM

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Danny Osuna

great inshore half day fishing trip for Marla's sport fishing with cap. Danny Osuna aboard the Marla.
meet our angler at 7am at the dock so here we go!! looking for the bait supplier so about 3 milles from tue harbour we catch up with the carnadero (bait supplier) so we load up 30 pieces and we ran to the secret pargo spots !! so 1 mille before we stop and we put the bait gear out looking to catch some skipjacks to use it for pargo bait, was not easy to find them but we cough 5 but 3 really perfect sizes bait, so i came over the pinnacles and sure they were there we staryed to mark big fish at 125 ft, so we pull the down rigger out and we send the first skipjack down 100ft well did not took too long when the reel went zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!! and my deckhand call the hook up i had to idle the boat just a little to pull the pargo out of the rocks, so every body exited wonder what sizes fish eat a 3 lbs skipjack!!
so we had a 40 lbs pargo came over the rail!! nice one!!
so we had 2 more baits and put the second one down and very quik again we were hook up again on an other nice pargo and all bunch of fish marks on my fish finder like crazy!!
so aend the 3 bait and got crash and we miss the hook up so we went 3/2 on the cubera snappers and we try to find more skipjacks but was hard to find and we were out of time had to head back home!!
the inshore  bite is on and hot!!!