Fin-Nor Marquesa 16 Service

Started by Daisy, February 11, 2011, 06:01:14 AM

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just a note on the O rings. their there to retain the nuts into the clamp incase they work loose. great idea, i've lost plenty on my penns.
cover these in grease ;)


Quote from: chris m;364746Tried to take apart reel to service it but could not get spool to come off looked at alan tani tutorial and could not get lever drag knob to come off loosend completely but wouldn't come off is there a special trick and by not removing is that why spool won't slide off.thanks for any information oilpatch said someone on here would no thanks again.CM

do you mean the cap (key #20)? 

you need a large pair of snap ring pliers. 

stick the points of the snap ring pliers into the two small holes and twist counterclockwise.

then you can remove the cap.  um, this is the one you are talking about, right?
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Hey Guys,
just a quick question, I am doing a Marquesa 20 witch the Instant anti-reverse roller bearing is slipping (not working).
Is this bearing replaceable or is it part of the side plate.
Any help would be great.


Has anyone removed the anti reverse back up pawl?
I wanting to remove mine as I don't like the clicking whilst reeling in.


Old old thread, but I was wondering if anyone has figured out how to remove the tiny hex nuts on the bottom side of the spool, to access the bearing on that side.  Just like Daisy, I couldn't find a single Allen wrench to fit, and I have both types in all the fine sizes.


Are they hex or torx (star shaped)?
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