pargos on the chew!!!

Started by Danny Osuna, February 27, 2016, 03:25:48 AM

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Danny Osuna

another great inshore trip for team Canada and Marla's sport fishing aboard the Marla with cap. Danny Osuna!!
Pancho and he's team show up to the boat at 6:30 am early depart even for the inshore trips!!
so we started heading out and at the main time looking for el Carnadero (bait supplier)  so we couldn't find him as he was catching ojotones (caballitos) near the river mouth but he already had bait for us in one of he's bait receiver outside the harbor, so we pick up our bait and here we go!!!!
Zanate my deck hand rigged up all the light rods to catch some skipjacks main bait for Cuberas and Amberjacks!!
after 45 minutes we got to the area and we put our gear in the water and started fishing for skipjacks took a long time before we cough only 3 perfect sizes baits!!
so in medially we hit the secret Cubera pinnacle!! Oh yeah buddy!! they were there and hungry as well!!
send the first bait down 100ft and 2 ojotones bait long on the surface, we made the first pass       and the fish finder alarm goes off and here it shows sone fish marks and 1 minute later down rigger get hit and the reel goes zzzzzzzZzzzzzzzzzz damn we farmed holly frijoles that was a killer strike damn!!! oh well we rigged the other bait and dropped down again and seen likes the Cubera was waiting for it, This bait get hammered the reels goes again Zzzzzzzzzzzzz And we farmed the strike again MF!!!' so we have no more skipjacks 1 die out of the 3 we had so we put all our gear back in and w e started looking for more skipjacks well 2 hrs later finally we cough 2 more and we visit another secret Cubera snapper pinnacle we rigged the first skipie  and send it down to 100ft again come around the pinnacle fish alarm goes off and down rigger too!! deckhand scream hooked up Compa!!!!
game on!! so we landed a nice 50lbs cubera (pargo) after farming few bites feel good to put same meet on the deck!!!
so we put the other bait down and we get hit and hooked up again!!!! on a nice big Cubera just to make sure this guys take plenty fish home!! so got it on the deck nice 40lbs! we rigged the last bait and  got another hooked up oh may fish are really biting now so fish came up to the gaff and we get a jackcravelle!!! well better than farming a bite!! so we snap a picture and release this fish.
come enjoy a good times with and great fishing the local knowlage !!