tunas and marlin at the banks!!

Started by Danny Osuna, March 04, 2016, 08:28:26 PM

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Danny Osuna

great day at the office for marla sport fishing and team steve massive and crew aboard the marla with cap. Danny Osuna!!
sea conditions were perfect 81.8F* very clean blue water and nice NW breeze!!
our trip started  at 5:30 am steve and he's crew show up ready to play!!
so we leave the harbor looking to find the carnadero (bait supplier) so 3 miles later we catch up the with carnadero (bait supplier) and loaded 40 nice and cure caballitos.
so we are all exited and ready to find some tunas and marlin so we turn our bow toward el banco( the banks) at the main time my deckhand was checking and rigging all the rods with new liders and hooks.
after 2hrs we finally hit the pinnacles and every body wake up and was ready to catch some skipjacks, so make few passes right over the high spots      we meter so much bait that we made plenty bait very quick.
so we rig the bullet tunas on ligh liders and we started trolling near the pinnacles for few minutes tall we saw my radar spot some bird right on the SW of the banks so we steer the boat towards the bird and damn we get closer and started seen the tunas feeding pretty heavy so we were positive we were going to have a hook up right there but no luck, we troll our baits for 1hr right on top of the 100lbs tunas but they were not interested on our baits.
so we decide to go back to the pinnacles and we saw some good tunas mixed with the skipjacks so we set few drifts right on the pinnacles but this fish were very finicky they pop all over our kite bites and never touch it!! so we fly line a big skipjack for the second time and we called a hooked up!! a
big 600lbs black marlin tail dancing about 300yds  after few jumps the black spit the circle hook!!damn were really exited looking for some big mama!!
after few more drift and not getting good bites except for jackcravelle and rainbow runners !! so we troll for more bullet tunas and cough 2 more we rig them and here we go again after 2 minutes and trolling the fresh bullets one of my anglers scream "getting bit"" the reel when zzzzzzzzzzzzzZzzzz after feeding the the bite for 6 second the reel goes in strike and hooked up!!!
there is a 340 lba blue marlin going ballistic!!!
so after 40 minutes of fight the blue come up really come to be tag and released!!
wow!! we fish hard as we could to find some hungry ones!!!
steve and crew thanks for fishing with marla sport fishing you guys rock!!
welcome any time!!!!