onshore pargo bite!!!

Started by Danny Osuna, March 11, 2016, 02:41:21 AM

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Danny Osuna

great morning pargo chew for marlas sport  fishing and shawn and he's crew aboard the marla with cap. Danny osuna!!!
water conditions were a little rough with big seas and WSW wind with some cold rain!!!
even for the inshore trips i love to do a early depart as I am a hard core captain!!!
  shawn and crew show up at 6 am at the harbor as we expected so they came onboard and here begin our inshore fishing expedition!!!
we leave the dock looking for el carnadero (bait supplier) we did not had to do too much search for him we found it right away and loaded oir bait tank with 30 ojotones (caballitos), just to have some small bait just incase!!
but the main bait we needed for the cuberas and rooster fish were green jacks and  skipjacks so we had to make a stop few miles before the secret cubera pinnacles to catch the green jacks before day light!!!
so we rigged the light gear with sabikis rigs and we stop in the green jacks Ali and sure we started fishing for it, bit too much trash fish and we only cough 2 green jacks and we keep losing our rigs on the small sierra mackerel, so we had to leave to the islands to keep looking for more  bait, so 20 minutes later we get there bit no sign of live in the zone so we moves to the reef zone and we cough a big green bonita and lost to rigs on the sierras and still no sign of bait in the area except for big seas and wind!!
damn i was worried because with out the proper bait there is no chance for some good pargo or big rooster so we continue putting out time for the
green jacks, finally 1hrs later we found a little spot that was loaded with the greens, loaded the bait tank and one nice skipjack on the mix so we were all ready to rock!!!
so pull our heavier gear out and down rigger too, moves to the secret spot and drop the rigger down and a one other bait on top!!
I explain the anglers exactly what to do when the get hit so here we go!!!
cane over the pinnacle and the down rigger pops the angler screams!!! Am hit!!!! so the goes zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i shift the boat in hear and we miss the bite !!! Damn we have a farmer on the boat, oh well my angler did do it right but he try, oh well #### happens!!!
so Shawn is up and he takes the down rigger bait, so I came over the spot again and sure they were hungry the line pops, and very come he says am hit so he feed the strike and he set that lever to strike and GAME ON!!!!!!!
that Cubera took a big run and i run the boat to a deeper water finally the fish settle down and we put it in to the fish hold !!! a nice 50lbs wow I say this is the way should be done!!! so all happiest we put more bait out and the bite went off for the Toros (jackcravelles) after releasing few of theses we have other pargo bite and we miss it again !!! oh may one again well i was worry because the tide was changing and we were losing our chances, anyways we send other bait down and we had 3 more jacks bites and my boy screams down rigger is hit  !!!!!
so i can here the reel going so I shift the boat in gear and farm the bite one more time!! holly pargos!!! they bit us today that for sure!! we keep fishing after tide changed for only jacks, we had a bless, we hook plenty fish and had a lot of fun watching my anglers challenging the cuberas!!!
Shawn was fun having you and your fishing buddy's back on Marlas Sport Fishing guides and charter hope to see ya guys again next year to go target some more pargos or tunas!!


Nice pargo Danny, thanks for the photos.  Dominick
Leave the gun.  Take the cannolis.

There are two things I don't like about fishing.  Getting up early in the morning and boats.  The rest of it is fun.