Okuma Cortez CZ-55W

Started by uluahunta, December 31, 2013, 09:56:15 AM

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Quote from: uluahunta on February 06, 2014, 10:06:33 AM
Quote from: franky on February 06, 2014, 01:44:06 AM
Does anyone have the schematic for this reel?  If so, can you please post it.

Thanks,  :)

Howzit franky,
There's a link to the schematic on the bottom of my original post.

Gosh, its been 3 years since I've opened one of these.  My eyes must be getting bad...Does anyone see the schematic link at the bottom of this original post?  :-\


Howzit Braddah Frank!


Just copy and paste that one. The link is still working on the bottom of his post. Happy wrenching


Hi I cant get to view the phots on here.. comes up with the photobucket pic... is there something I am doing wrong.. thanks Bruce


Here is the Schematic ( PDF )

Tight Lines !


Here is the entire tutorial, in PDF format, for easy downloading ! ( No "Photoshop BS" )

Tight Lines !