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Started by miwidomi, March 13, 2011, 09:30:57 AM

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I am new to this board. My company started to import and sell the Maxel reels. There were many frequent changes to the line and it was impossible to ever get a workable parts list or an orderly timetable for receiving the reels, or parts.  The reels look good but the old saying that all that glitters is not gold would be appropriate.  The company sold some reels but wound up buying them all back for some complaint or another by the customer. The company has over 200 of the maxel reels on a shelf trying to find some way of recouping some of their investment.  The company feels that they cannot warranty them because there are no parts. The only way they sell them is as is w/o warranty, cash only, no return.  Most people do not want to buy a reel under these circumstances no matter that they are only a fraction of their normal selling price. We have seen almost all of the Chinese reels  with many different names on the same reel.  We heard that there are companies in China that just make parts and anyone who wants to go into the reel business buys the parts and then starts producing reels.  This is about as close as you can get to a "lego" reel.  Once you have it you want to "lego" of it.


sam, thank you very much for that perspective.  you just made this post important enough to be a sticky .......   :-\
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Quote from: suffer on January 02, 2012, 08:28:13 PM
.......  This is about as close as you can get to a "lego" reel.  Once you have it you want to "lego" of it.
That's a good one, Sam. :D    Yes, thanks for the insight.

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Ok, I think I can answer this one. I might get myself into a trouble. Oh well, there is nothing news.

Here we go. JM is assembled in Taiwan. Most of the parts are sent from China to Taiwan. There is why it states "Jigging Master Taiwan" on the bottom of the reel foot.

I think the following company produces parts for JM Taiwan, and it also sells the identical reel to Maxel.

The company is called "M&W International" in China (http://www.mwjigging.com/EN/ProductList.asp?SortID=73).

JM does its assembling in Taipei, Taiwan. It has few parts made in Taiwan.


I have been selling these reels in Australia for several years now.
Have great reports across the range. We have had minor repairs and sourcing parts have never been a problem.

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Hi Steve
Here is the info you ask for
It took me about half an hour to fix it and plus I did a free service on it for him to keep him happy
All the other ones that are out there are going great as I keep in touch with them to find out how they are going and I get the same report they are great and easy reel to use

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It's a bit strange that some people talk so negatively about these reels? Unless people got a bad batch or major improvements have gone on recently. I can't see why?

I own a Maxel reel. It's identical to the JM's I've used before. The clicker is in a different location but thats easy to do. Even the parts diagrams look identical. Reel dimensions are the same. I've had poor Asian copies of reels before that broke quickly but the Maxels are very different.


I will be putting it to use on some big Thai catfish in about a month. Should have a report after. My reel's from Europe and came with a 5 year gurantee and I have to say the manufacturing is top class.

It's possible internals may be upgraded in JM reels if they are the same reel. After lots of fishing that will be clear.

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Looks like you not have a stock pile of parts for those reels...any buyers?
:D I talk with every part I send out and each reel I repair so that they perform at the top of their game. :D


I don't think M&W and Maxel are related but I could be wrong. If that is the case it seems M&W are clones of JM reels where Maxel reels would be pre-branded JM's. JM could then use their own parts here and there internally with higher tolerances. eg. Drive gears.
I say that because I saw a threads posting negative reviews about the M&W reels. Particularly the lack of drag.

The parts diagram of the maxels also look much more similar to the JM's than M&Ws and old Maxel reels look just like old JM reels.

Old Maxel:

Old JM


Anyone that gets involved in buying "off brand" reels should take a hint and a big "buyer beware!".

Just do your "due diligence" and red flags should crop up all over the place. Shorter handles usually mean inferior gears, reports by self-interested importers are not to be trusted. Identical schematics do not mean identical materials nor perfected tolerances etc etc etc.

The best "value" you can possibly get in a reel is one that is stood behind by an established name brand with something at stake and a warranty that means something. Not a "fly by night" importer that is looking to make a quick killing or a factory looking to unload some over runs.

Taking a "flier" on one of these reels should be considered a potentially "throw away" by someone with reel money to burn, not by someone on a budget...as when that body screw strips, a pressed in AR fails or drag is sticking from poor quality control on a drag plate and shoddy machining you more than likely just bought either a time consuming reclamation project for the accomplished "DIYer" with access to a machine shop or, a paper weight.

Good companies with a long term view are all trying to bring to market the most competitively priced and reliable reels that they can given their distribution model. This includes a retail distribution network that also has to make a profit selling the reels, a real customer service department and real parts support. All of these Chinese factories are trying to go around that model cutting out any real support for the product. THAT is why they are cheaper.

There is no free lunch. You get what you pay for.

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What is it about JM that attracts so many knockers? Most people who own these reels fish them hard and love them.
I think deep water vertical jigging is probably the toughest thing you can ask of a reel and these reels are purpose built for it and excel at it.

I have 2 of these reels and consider them my most valued reels.
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probably because of the high cost and the equally high expectations.  accurate gets caught in the same trap.
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You can buy 2 JMs for the price of a Stella or Saltiga or...........
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JM is unparaleled when looking at the mechanics. out of the box the spools shaft is sleeved, hq CF washers, titanium drag washers, dual dogs, strong ARB from Ina germany (along with all other bearings, 9 of them!) dual drag system, very light in weight overall! It can always improve more. f.ex an angular contact bearing on the right side plate! I have operated on 3 JM's where the right side bearing is crushed.... And that is INA and boca bearings. The drag was never beyond 20pounds. max drag on my pe4 is 50lb, so those numbers are utter BS and just a market strategy. But overall I am not surprised that the reel is that expensive. try buying 9 INA bearings and look at the cost for that alone.

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i guess this axiom applies "YGWYPF",YouGetWhatYouPayFor"... :D