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I think that they were made by the Dutch


Great looking handles guys! Thanks for the info on the starless gizmo. 8)


Only looking!!!


I've baught two pieces of that type of handle for my Int. 965 (here in Germany in Spetember last year), and found a lot of problems:

1) First, the most serious problem. The hole in the handle is (much) too large! There is a play of
approx. 30°, i.e. just under 10 % of a full turn. On the package it says ... 965, ... 975, ...
When I read it, I was already skeptical, because I knew that the 965 (Type O) and the 975 (Type E)
have different sleeves. Maybe the Handle 3 fits for the 975, but not for the 965!
in any case not! I have made a thin brass plate so that the remaining cavity is almost completely filled.
Now the play is under an acceptable ~ 1 ... 2°.

2) The claim "2 stainless steel ball bearings" is a cheeky lie! There is only one bearing used in this handle knob!

3) The interior of the knob (screw, shaft, bearing surfaces, etc.) were bone dry; no traces of
of grease or oil were visible. The next time it was used for sea angling, the corrosion would have been
celebrated a happy reign.

4) The bearing could hardly be pulled off the mandrel - much less put back on. The anodized layer
of the mandrel was too thick. Only the use of ellbow grease and sandpaper could help here. Now the
the bearing sits "greasy" on the mandrel.

5) The edges of the holes in the knob facing the reel - i.e., where the fingers usually rest when gripping - were not deburred. A very unpleasant feeling! I solved the problem with with a diamond round file.

Now an absolutely unusable power handle has become an acceptable one for my 965...



Thanks for info., Wolfgang. A heads-up on mistaken(?) advertising. And welcome to the site!
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