an old avet lx for sale!

Started by alantani, October 30, 2016, 08:24:46 PM

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i'd like to offer up this avet for sale to raise some money for discover angling.  it's an old avet ($60) that was donated specifically for this purpose.  joey did a full service ($40) and it spins like crazy!  he added a 5/0 grip ($33) and then i spooled it up with 500 yards ($50) of 80 pound solid p-line TCB (teflon coated braid) and a 100 yard topshot ($4) of 40 pound berkley big game.  usps priority mail shipping is included in the US ($13).  the suggested donation is $160 or best offer.  please send a pm if you're interested.  many thanks!  alan

send me an email at for questions!


I know it's been 15 months since you posted this, Alan, but has someone purchased this reel for the Discover Angling donation?
If not, I'd like to purchase it. I just came across a really good deal on a reel I want, so this is one small way to "pay it forward" and support a good cause.
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oops, sorry, this is long gone! 
send me an email at for questions!


Quote from: alantani on January 16, 2018, 05:01:35 PM
oops, sorry, this is long gone! 

And so, it ends . . . "He who snoozeth, looseth !"  - LOL !

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