welcome to http://www.beavertailrodandreel.com/

Started by alantani, December 15, 2016, 11:04:13 PM

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dave, good luck with your new board!

(sorry Alan, I modified the message to add the hyperlink because I'm lazy and didn't want to copy and paste ;D)
send me an email at alantani@yahoo.com for questions!


I just visited your website.  Pretty slick.  Welcome.  Dominick
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There are two things I don't like about fishing.  Getting up early in the morning and boats.  The rest of it is fun.

Dave RI

Thank you Alan !! I will start to post a few things up now .

Dave RI

Thank you Dominic !! Look forward to showing off some of the stuff we are working on

ed morini

Hey Dave,
It's great to see you here. For those interested Dave is currently working on a new arm for a manual pick up for the 704z, should be a great add on.

Again Dave,best of luck here



I may be on the other side of the country, but it is always a good thing to see a fellow Rhody online!
Bad day of fishing still beats a good day at work!

Reel 224

You price of $15.00 on guides? Is that what you charge for under wrap and double over wrap? Sounds a little low to me. Good luck with your business venture.

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