New bail arm for Penn 704 spinning reel !!!

Started by Dave RI, February 09, 2017, 12:02:26 PM

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Dave RI

Here is a picture of our new bail arm for the Penn 704 series of reels , we are a small but rapidly growing reel repair shop in RI. i am a Tool and Diemaker by trade but 3 years ago when my job looked to be headed over seas i decided to give this a try full time . I purchased a new Tormach Pcnc1100 and along with the reast of our manual machines i started to develop products that my customers have asked for . Those customers become field testers to test the products for durability as well as functionality . This is one of those projects that took a few engineering changes but it is now dialed in and for sale on ebay .  it is cnc machined out of 304 stainless steel and allows for the roller assembly from the penn 706 that has the the bearing in the line roller so you can effectively fish braid on these reels .


Dave RI

Calusa ,

I modified the posts , i am sorry i should have been more detailed , i was just excited i figured out how to get a picture in the post LOL i make these bail arm kits here in our small shop in Rhode Island , it started out as an idea that i had and another area fisherman had for his own Penn 704 , he contacted me and he soon became the field tester for the product that to this day has sold over 50 on ebay !!! Very exciting to see something that was developed grow into a usable product . I have other mods that i do to the Penn 704 and will post them soon . 


How much are these? Is Ebay the only way you sell them, or can we buy them here, through AT? I have a 704Z and would be interested in one of these.
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That's great, Dave. Though I don't own a 704 I imagine a lot of surf guys will find this interesting and useful. Good luck!

Dave RI

Quote from: mley1 on February 09, 2017, 03:56:26 PM
How much are these? Is Ebay the only way you sell them, or can we buy them here, through AT? I have a 704Z and would be interested in one of these.

Miley these are 65.00 for the set the kit comes as pictured in the post or you can purchase just the bail arm and the counter weight for 39.00 and add you own roller as long as it is the roller that is sued on the Penn 706 . Everything has been engineered to accept that roller . we do accept Paypal . Please let me know . Thank you ! 


I stumbled onto these a while back surfing the net. Great job bringing a better part to the market.

The only drawback is the 706 bearing. They ain't cheap! Its a special bearing. The inner race is longer than the outer race. This gives the bearing a shoulder to ride on so it will spin with no interference.

Will any other line roller w/bearings work with the arm?

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Dave RI

Hi Keith ,

You may have seen this arm on SOL , i made it
For a member there . You are correct regarding the bearings
And roller parts , the bearing is expensive
And with the design it cannot be changed without
Creating end play in the roller .