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Old thread, but it's harvest time!  Can't plant tomatoes in MN 'till late May at the earliest, so we tend to be later than other places.  But, worth the wait.  Tried "Supersauce" this year--a paste tomato for salsa, sauces, etc.  Picture is of a one-pounder--looks like a small orange eggplant.  Having good luck with Jetstars this year too.


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Ours garden production sucked this year. It was so hot and dry early that plants wouldn't grow and it got so hot later tomatoes cracked & even dry rotted. Cucumbers were bitter and woody and the squash bugs got that plant after only two squash. We're finally getting some bell peppers but for some reason they're a variety that look more like an Anaheim, big top, long and pointed. Never had bell peppers like that before.  ??? Looks like no stuffed peppers from the garden this year. We're finally getting some decent tomatoes since it cooled down a little. The best half canned quite a few pints this last week or so, but they're a good month behind other years and we got everything in mid May.  :-\ 
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Same here Tommy . Absolutely WORST year I ever had and been gardening since I was 8  years old .
Heat Ruins the Tomatoe Setting of blooms and then the Drought just wiped every thing else out except NUT GRASS ,got a Bumper Crop this year . Squash grew  pretty big but NO Squash .
Beans just dreid up and died, Carrots  NADDA . Planted 25 pounds Red potatoes got 5 in yield .
OKRA will damn near grow on a Rock . Nothin this year.Cucumber vines sprawled out a mile then just Died .

Have replanted everything the last two weeks and HOPING to get something to put up later,
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We had the opposite here, a late frost killed all the cherry blooms on both my trees.  No cherries this year.  We have been getting 15# plus each year, after sharing them with tree squirrels.  Bill
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Damn, sounds like a tough agricultural report.  Down here in the Riverbottom our growing season is pretty much almost all year for some varieties/plants.  Got a pretty good late harvest of tomatoes setting on that should be ready between Halloween and Thanksgiving.  Zucchini still going strong.  Peppers, hell they are pretty much a year-round crop anymore.  Tomatoes, you folks all use any Blossom Set or was that just something my parents did? - john


Did somebody mention peppers?  Bell peppers ("Crispy" hybrid) and pepperoncini; latter get pickled in jars and are just waiting for a Thanksgiving dinner or a snowy evenings supper this winter.



Thats why your happy, Happy, great job man, cheers Don.
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   It was a bad year for the garden here also, everything was late, and the quality of the produce was way below usual standard. I got plenty of salsa made despite having to cut a lot of bad places off the tomatoes and peppers...hoping for a better yield next year. 8)


Boy, that looks good, mo.



Quote from: happyhooker on September 19, 2022, 01:03:05 AMDid somebody mention peppers?  Bell peppers ("Crispy" hybrid) and pepperoncini; latter get pickled in jars and are just waiting for a Thanksgiving dinner or a snowy evenings supper this winter.


next time I want to try with tomatoes, hopefully I can find some of those big ones that look like pumpkin
this time is the 1st one I harvest something from my garden, some jalapeƱos from this lonely plant.

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