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Jim Fujitani

The statute of limitations on the original theft would have expired a couple years ago, but there is no limitation on possession of stolen property (in CA).  The property remains "stolen" and possession and/or sales remain criminal violations (496PC).

I believe that if the current possessor after learning of the status of legal ownership wants reimbursement, assuming he purchased the item in the belief and understanding that the seller had the legal right to sell the item to him, can recover his original costs to obtain the item (protects pawn shop owners if they abide by proper record keeping and receipts). 

Or like a car that is stolen remains stolen, even though the license plate and VIN drops off the NCIC hit list.  A stolen car can be "recovered" and returned to the original victim (or the insurance company if there was a payout) decades after the theft (a collector Mustang that was stolen and taken out of CA, well kept, and later recovered and returned to the victim).


Jim is exactly right —-

In California, under all jurisdictions, the reel still belongs to Tom.

The Statute of Limitations has expired —- but the reel is still "Stolen Property" —- and that right of original ownership does not expire.

Tom has been fair and patient.

If the culprit who has the reel doesn't hand it over —- all Tom needs is to present Proof of Ownership as evidence to the local Sheriff or PD in the County where the thief lives.  Then a visit by the local authorities with Tom —- to recover the reel.

The thief is not even entitled to any reimbursement or monetary offset.

Pretty Straight-Forward, actually.

Best, Fred
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This reminds me of an episode of "Auction Kings" where a sword sold at auction, and was later discovered to have been stolen from the famous Col. Oliver North. In that case the buyer was totally honorable about the whole thing and returned it. (No mention of any compensation.)

The drama continues...

Bill B

Quote from: nelz on November 17, 2022, 03:49:26 PM
Quote from: Cortez_Conversions on November 17, 2022, 01:55:22 PMI will say, you know who this person is.

Just to clarify, are you saying he's known by us here at this website?

Hard to fathom someone (in good standing) on this website, however someone in the industry not hard to believe.  Bill
It may not be very productive,
but it's sure going to be interesting!

Midway Tommy

Considering the state of law enforcement and prosecution these days, especially in CA and the rest of the West Coast, I don't think I would be holding my breath about any action being taken, and that really sucks! :(
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Quote from: Cortez_Conversions on November 17, 2022, 01:55:22 PMIf this person would have approached me with honesty and integrity, this whole topic would be closed. Everyone would have walked away with a little dent in the wallet and the case closed.

But sadly, that's not the case. This person is not only trying to cover their losses, but see how much more they can get.

After 15+ emails with this person, I have a pretty good profile of them.

It's crazy that a reel can be stolen twice and never see the sea. Never feel the pull of the drag or the excitement of boating the catch....

While the statute of limitations has long run out on the original theft, I'm going to pursue a new police report since this person has sent me pics of the reel in their possession and acknowledged they are not going to return it unless it's "mutually agreeable".

It was fairly easy to find the persons identity, and as much as I want to put them on blast, I can't. I will say, you know who this person is.

Please keep your eyes open for this reel in parts. Let's make sure this person has to sit on it for another 5 years.

This needs a blast , so we know what to look for and were ..... 
This saddened the heart that some one read this and did not do the right thing .............
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I think at this point these are the possible outcomes
1) the person returns your reel unconditionally.
2) the reel is returned after a lot of back and forth haggling to meet his terms. He should be publicly named and shamed.
3) the reel is never returned. He should be publicly named and shamed at minimum


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I believe the reel could disappear forever.  It's valueless to anyone who is clueless.  Right now, it's just a cool blue thing sitting on a shelf....that just got too hot for the top-shelf market. 

Only a sportsman or smart collector will know what it is and pay $$$$ for it.  That level of knowledge would certainly cause the reel to surface in a photo op.  We keep no secrets about our newest shiny stuff.

As it is, I'd forget about the reel (it's not the point anymore) and EXPOSE the perps that are trying to extort you and get a ransom for it.  Exposing that kind of low life serves the greater good. 

After that, procure a braided hemp product of sufficient length and test, and then locate an overly encrusted keel and haul away.  Call me old-fashioned. 8) 
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Bryan Young

Because of this theft, no blue sideplates were ever produce to sell to the public. This is one of a kind and it is very noticeable since it was the only one made in this color.

Dude, do the right thing. It's really your only option being the recipient of stolen goods.
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Profiting from theft is theft. 
Hi, my name is Lee and I have a fishing gear problem.

I have all of the answers, yup, no, maybe.

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very disappointing if person in question is a member here. i have had nothing but positive experiences here and consider you all my friends. sad that someone would place such a low value on their integrity. initially it was great to hear Tom would get his reel back after so long, hope he still does.


I can't imagine anyone that is a fisherman stealing anyone's tackle,regardless how much it's worth.No price can't be put on the sentimental value alone.


   Bryan and Tom have done an awful lot for us and this site.  I would hope you would reconsider, give back the items that aren't yours (even if you paid for them), and kindly leave our site.  If you do these things I think Tom can keep your name to himself.  I have no doubt Tom would honor that deal, as he is just that kinda guy.  Obviously he is, as he hasn't put your name out there, YET.
If not, I think you should be put on blast, ridiculed, and forced to leave.
Just my opinion,


Yup, however he should be reimbursed for no less/no more than he paid.
Hi, my name is Lee and I have a fishing gear problem.

I have all of the answers, yup, no, maybe.

A man who carries a cat by the tail learns something he can learn in no other way.
Mark Twain

Hardy Boy

I'm sure someone could persuade them to do the right thing ................. what a shame that it has to drag on this long..................... sad really.