Classic Rancho Leonero - East Cape

Started by plam, August 04, 2017, 06:05:17 PM

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Last month I was invited to got to east cape to Rancho Leonero.
It is very classic fishing resort.  Staff are friendly, 34 rooms are nice and super clean.
Hotel packs you a lunch if your going fishing always get the mexican lunch the other one is a really bad sandwich.
Fished With Jen Wren -  Cruisers instead of the classic Pangas just for sheer comfort.
If your not fishing with Jen Wren I would bring your own gear as most of the pangas gears need service or just plan old.
Fishing was slow but still got some Pargos, Small YFT, and even a stripe Marlin.
If you have them cook your fish they really do not do seared and at times over cook.  
Ask for Juicy that equals perfectly grilled- cooked not over done.
They do ceviche and sashimi really nicely.