Hubbard Fishing Charters?

Started by coastal_dan, November 17, 2017, 06:44:25 PM

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Good luck Joe. I will be fishing either spot 15 or 16. See you there


I put new line on the 4/0 last night. I'm ready for some grouper.  I get to fish a accuplate 4/0 for the first time.  for me getting prepared for the trip is half the fun. Sharkman ,how are you getting your  pinfish? I will be going to the skyway bridge to catch mine. Fresh bait is definitely better on this trip. Joe


Let me know when you guys go to catch bait, i'd love to meet up and help out.


Joe I purchased some from Hubbards and going try to get some Friday morning at Merry Pier.


I will be going to the south skyway pier early fri morning. I will be there to fish For grouper at sunrise and catch my bait after that. I will stay at the pier till 11 or 12 if you want to come out Nick. I will bring a extra live well for getting bait to the boat if it helps you sharkman. I will be fishing spot 10 on the boat. I'm looking forward to meeting some of the Ohana. If anyone else wants to join us that would be great. Joe


Good luck Joe.  Let us know how the trip turned out.  Lively pin fish, the bigger the better, is the ticket.  :)


Good luck guys, very interested in seeing how your trip turns out.  Please take some photos!
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Thanks for the offer Joe, but I'm good. Look forward to meeting you on Friday.


Returned from trip the trip had good and bad. It was my first trip not being a guest of regular. The captain put us on the fish bite was hot. Put some nice fish in the freezer. I will post some of the after pic later this evening. Hubbards doesn't allow cellphone on boat. The red snapper were everywhere unfortunately they were out of season. We got into a school of African pompano. Meet Otown Joe, he was very nice guy. Hopefully we will fish again. The mates left a little to be desired. One mate was really rude and I caught him stringing my fish on another persons stringer, confronted him about it and he tried to say I told him to put them on that stringer. At the end of the trip I was missing some fishing from my stringer, the guy I went with also was missing some fish from stringer. At one time I went to the back and there was about twenty fish just laying on top of the ice ready to be put on stringer. The lady beside me needed a rig tied onto her rental rod and the mate told her she would have to wait till they pulled a prank on the individual at the front of the boat. My fishing buddy had to deal with a guy trying to fish two poles at the same time, one of the poles keep that side of the boat tangled the whole trip. The mate never stopped the behavior. Dylan the manager did give my fishing buddy and I a small monetary compensation for our trouble with the mate.


Party boat fishing ugh... Nuff said.  Dominick
Leave the gun.  Take the cannolis.

There are two things I don't like about fishing.  Getting up early in the morning and boats.  The rest of it is fun.


Interesting, sorry to hear about that.  Looking forward to the photos though.
Dan from Philadelphia...

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Pics as promised. 1st late night mangroves. 2nd the bounty. 3rd the money shot of fillets



Looks like our 'Mango Man', Dwight has some competition.

Nice job!

Hope springs eternal
for the consumate fishermen.

Newell Nut

We have the big mangos on our side of the state. But mangos of any size are great on the plate. Really good eats. Good job.