alan tani @ fishing reel repair rebuild tutorial gluing on a drag washer
Reel Repair by Alan Tani
July 15, 2019, 10:49:25 AM *
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Author Topic: gluing on a drag washer  (Read 22333 times)
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Quote from: grenade760
Hey sorry to bother you, but i figured id get the best answer from you. I accidently busted off the drag washer that was glued on the spool. I poped off the first washer then then second broke off(i didn't know it was glued). My question is can i get a replacement washer(if i can find one) and epoxy it back on or do i have to send back to avet. I got a trip monday and everybodys telling i gotta send it to avet. Any info will help,thanks

naw, these are easy!!!!!!  first, clean up the drag washer a little.  take the blade of a very sharp knive and scrape at a 90 degree angle and remove any caked on salt.  get both sides.  now clean all the crud off the side of the spool where the drag washer goes.  you can roughen it up a little with no problem.  just make sure you get all the crud off the metal, then clean it with a little rubbing alcohol only.  don't use any oil or solvent based products. 

now for the fun part.  prepare this ahead of time.  you need a flat surface where the spool can sit for a day.  you need some sort of donut or ring that can sit directly on top of the drag washer and act as a spacer that will come in contact with the bulk of the surface of the drag washer but will not come in contact with the edges.  the more drag surface that this spacer touches, the better.  and the contact surface has to be perfectly flat and true.  and lastly, you need 5-10 pound of weight to put on top of the spacer.  a 7 pound gallon jug of water works well here. 

now look at the spool and imagine where the drag washer will sit.  use masking tape to cover the lip of the spool, then use an x-acto knife to cut away the masking tape for an exact fit.  now tape off the top working surface of the drag washer to keep epoxy off of the working surface. 

ok, got it all taped off?  got the donut and the weight prepared?  now mix up your slow cure epoxy.  evenly cover the metal surface and the back of the drag washer.  lay the drag washer onto the spool, set your donut in the middle, put the weight on top and come back at the end of the day.  pull the masking tape off.  you may need the xacto knife.  now grease the drag and you should be good.  alan

Im about to replace/reglue my SX 5.3 drag washer. Going to use 1/4" × 2" srew, wing nut with 2) 1.25" fender washers to clamp washer in place for 24hrs while epoxy cures. Seams easier than balancing weight atop spool and hoping its applying even pressure or doesn't fall over.
Fingers crossed!

Sorry not to have seen this earlier, but maybe there's value yet in the following.  When I replaced my SX drag washer, I used the drag disc itself to apply pressure while the epoxy cured.  I put some wax paper over the washer to protect the disc and then put the spool/disc assembly sandwiched between two blocks of wood in a vise overnight.  Of course, I tightened the vise only enough to keep things from moving.  It worked fine.

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