Okuma Makaira 16II, size between the clamp bolts for reelseat size

Started by Reinaard van der Vossen, October 02, 2018, 02:55:20 PM

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Reinaard van der Vossen

I'm building a new rod and need to establish which realseat size I can use but do not have the reel yet. I've tried searching the internet but cannot find this info.

Could anybody with an Okuma Makaira 16 measure the distance between the clamping bolts?


About 1 3/4". There's a little wiggle room, but the clamp holes are this measurement o/c.  Greg

Reinaard van der Vossen


Thankls a lot, that should be plenty even for a sturdy reelseat like a heavy duty 28 size. Is that Center to center or just between the holes? Not sure what O/C means

Not that it matters much because with this size I should be able to pick just any size I want to. I have a makaira 30 and 50 here but didn't know how much smaller a 16 is

edit changed typo MAK 16 i.s.o. mak 15


That would be "on center"..the two clamp holes are centered over the two clamp bolts 1 3/4". The distance between the clamp bolts as installed (what would go over your reel seat) is about 1 3/8". Hope this helps..good luck with you rod build..Greg


Reinaard, this info applies to a Mak 16 sea, which I have , as in your first post. Your second post refers to a Mak 15, which I don't own...don't know about those.  -Greg

Reinaard van der Vossen

Thanks, I meant Mak 16.

I consider a MAK 15T too but these are not yet available