Working with local tackle shops?

Started by Christopher M Songer, October 07, 2018, 10:16:15 AM

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Christopher M Songer

I was approached yesterday by two tackle shops: one west side of CLE about 45 min away and another shop east of CLE about 1hr 30min away. Both want to discuss taking in reels for me to pick up and return when finished. Should would be easier then having people come to the door every time to drop of and pick up a reel or two. Since I work at home this sounds promising not to mention an increase in my numbers.

1) What are the pit falls that any of you have experienced doing something like this?

2) What is your business plan?

3) Do shop owners usually want a piece of the $?

I plan to meet with the first shop owner later this week and follow next week with the second shop further away. 

Thanks for any input you may have.
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They don't need a piece of the $$. Thy are increasing stop traffic by serving as a drop station. I work with a local shop but much prefer customers coming by my shop with their reels so that I can spin the handle, look at corrosion, etc. and give a repair estimate.
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Christopher M Songer

So far that is my exact thoughts. Just working from home can play havoc on family life.
Always go forward, never go straight