Spirex 1000RD

Started by Shellbelly, February 02, 2023, 08:50:50 PM

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I would like to know how well this reel performs and if it's worth a complete teardown/rebuild for saltwater use. 

I have the schematic and have read a little about it online.  The various Spirex models appear to be popular and parts are available.

I appreciate your input!


Don't know about the Spirex specifically, but on another Shimano 1000, that double-paddle handle kept grabbing my T-shirt during use! Easy enough to swap out handle though, if you like the reel.


Too light duty with the rear drag I would think. I liked fishing with mine back in the day. But that was for trout.
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1000 has good capacity w/ 8-10# braid, but IMHO it's F/W-sized
2000 holds MUCH more; uses same body; weighs only tiny bit more

w/ that type of drag, it's the sand that concerns me more than the salt
F/W muddy current and/or dusty wind are almost as undesirable
...or, any kind of grit coming in through the bottom of the reel


They do good in saltwater

You can get another handle
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Many thanks!  It's actually the RB model, not RD.  I don't believe it changes much.

I got inside and it was in good shape.  It was my first spinner rebuild.  LOTS of parts.  It's too light for what I need it to do.   

I have a friend that can use it, though.  It'll last longer at Lake Travis than at Matagorda.