Intrest in vr50 servic tutorial?

Started by RandyMFoster, February 05, 2019, 04:52:18 AM

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Hi there ive had my vr 50 a good 6 or 7 months. I have been Servicing all kinds of spining and conventional reels awhile now anyway I think its geting close to to do a full tear down and cleaning/inspection on how the reel is holding up.. Obviously this voids the warrenty but I honestly cannot see myself shiping it out paying shiping and service fee when it is something I can easily do myself having allready taken the reel mostly apart to add grease and to protect bearings etx. If there are people intrested I would happily do an in dpeth tutorial with pictures as an asset to others on the site.

I love this little reel it has held up really well but kayak use is hard on everyreel and I like my personal reels butter smooth I could proably put off service but Im anal about my own reels and I have thrown it at big fish and rough conditions. I paired it with a custom black hole 701L. Im curious to see what countless big snook,cobia nearshore shore snapper have wrought on this10oz reels internals. Weather or not there is demand for a service walk threw , reguardless l be sure to update with my impressions regarding its capability for heavy inshore and "nearshore"useage In the long term.

Recoil Rob

Late to the party but I'd love to see one. I have been using mine for about 6 trips now, all on a boat and the drag is already sticky.
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Hi Rob

Not a problem I will be sure to have it up by the next time you're reel needs service

It will take me a little time. I have serviced three so far  including my own. The reason I did not end up posting was because lack of interest and that the fact a a proper service tutorial would include using replacement seals from VS.

I did not have them but I think it is prudent to mention to keep the sealed aspect on reels like these when they are are serviced(depending on use) While in some cases like with my reel the body, The seals were still doing their job and this was not  needed. Its better to make it standard practice to replace seals imo.

I did not posses them simply handled them with care and replaced the seals.. I will be reaching out to zebco/ VS soon.

Servicing these reels is pretty straight forward  there is a few little things like the handle screw having Lottie and how the best way to go about in removing the handle I am still considering. Also the gear oscillation mechanism/maingear needs to be put properly in place. I will be sure to highlight how I found the easiest way to do this was. Of course as mentioned The seals need to be handled with care and replaced if necessary. Otherwise you should be just fine with the proper tools(correct size torx heads,Allen keys and the tool they included).

I found in the reels I serviced I was mostly just refreshing the lubrication packing/flushing the bearings with new grease. They truly did not  quite need a full tear down and overhaul but what I did was more of a preemptive service.
It sounds like one of the seals on you're reels drag system failed or was improperly placed causing the drag to get sticky. My personal reel has been submerged, fallen into sand and only really needed exterior touch ups. like the cleaning up the rotor, line roller, bail arms etc.  I am a little overkill when it comes to taking care of my reels I always use corrosion x and or tsi oil on the exterior moving parts even if the reel was not submerged. I will be sending an email for replacement seals and will post a detailed breakdown in the coming weeks. But if you're reel had a sticky drag that fast there was an error made and it is best you simply used you're warranty.
kind regards, Randy M Foster

Recoil Rob

Hi Randy,

Nice preliminary write-up, were you able to source the seals from VS?

My VR50 has only seen jigging/casting use from a boat, no submersion just freshwater washdown.

The drag problem turned out to be a warranty issue which VS took care of right away, it was the top drag spool washers. Funny they would be like that out of the box but they changed them and sid they should be changed annually, we'll see.

My problem lies in reconciling my gross habits with my net income.
   - Errol Flynn


Purchased a VR50 late last summer. Great little reel for the bay here on Long Island . They just came out with a version in black supposedly the reels stem is 6mm longer and it comes with a manual bail conversion according to my local  dealer.


Yes I wrote one email got brushed off Abit.. recently remembered I made this post inquiries again and they seem happy to sell them now ..I am ordering seals tuseday

I noted the black version I've yet to see one however I believe the bailess kit conversion is possible for both reels .. the shaft being 4mm longer is interesting.. I will have to investigate further I am able to only find one technical drawing and one part number for spool shaft il ask when I orderer the seals.


Hey guys sorry for the delay. Unfortently life and personal matters has gotten in the way..

And then there's the fact Alan and the guys make creating these service guides which appear very professional look easy.

I'm going to do the best I can and try to explain and take pictures of everything to make this as usefull and easy to understand as possible.

I have started working on taking photographs and am working on a word doc to help orginize Amy thoughts and highlight some pitfalls and mistakes that can be made the first time you take this reel apart... I greatly appreciate everyone's patience.

Tight lines!


Hello all I thought I would start by picturing the required tools to service the reel
You really want to use high quailty bits and the proper size socket to remove the spool.t along with a handotool pick to gently replace the seals we are going to replace.

the picture displays the following
7mm socket
The van staal tool.
and in this case I used an adjustable wrench, however if you have a normal wrench or socket that is roughly 20..5mm this would work too


the last tool you will need is a small metric screwdriver or key. Now here are the seals.required fingers crossed I did not lose a baggy.

This first section is going to be servicing the body I will add a post later reguarding the drag
my reel is allready disasmbled.and partically clean. so bear with me I wiill  particaily reasmble try to make things as clear as possible. remove the drag knob and spool and set it aside I will cover servicing the drag after I do the body.
step two. remove turning counter clockwise.

Here there are two different ways to procede you can either take the van stall tool and remove part number three the rotor nut and it's seal part four.

However I prefer to open the main reel.body first. Observe the next two pictures on how these steps are preformed .


with the tool facing the direction in which van stall is fully spelled out  place the tool star shape see picture and firmly turn clockwise.

Portland Bill

Hi all. First time poster here.
I have a couple of vr50s which are getting on for 3 years old so in need of a service (they turn very freely which suggests the seals are wearing).
Where is the rest of this tutorial?


They are very simple. If you don't dunk the reel I wouldn't worry about the seals. Most of the VS reels I do they want them to crank easily.

There are probably some YouTube videos.

I have three people that have never opened their VS reels in more than 8 years and they don't plan to.

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Portland Bill

They do get dunked, and they're constantly wet on the kayak too so I do want them to be reasonably well sealed.
Any idea where the rest of the tutorial is?


The turorial guy has not been active here in almost a year.