Looking For Early 7000 Parts Illustration

Started by Walleye Guy, February 25, 2019, 09:53:55 PM

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Walleye Guy

I recently purchased an Ambassadeur 7000 with lot number 731200 and am trying to locate an accurate parts illustration for it.  I called Pure Fishing and the earliest one they have (which isn't on the website) dates to 1975.  I attached this pdf to this forum post.  This illustration is supposedly the same as the one I need except the bait clicker might be different.  Does anyone out there have an early parts illustration that will match a 7000 with lot number 731200?  Or can someone confirm that the bait clicker on my December 1973 reel is, in fact, different than the one made in 1975?  Thanks in advance!

Walleye Guy

I finally found one and am posting it here in case it helps someone in the future. 

Walleye Guy, you're the best!