Fin Nor 30W Service w/ pics

Started by BahamaLure, October 06, 2011, 02:30:40 PM

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Here's the inside of my Fin Nor 30W, had it since the mid 90's, only regret is I did not buy more of these reels when I had the chance. Zero issues with it ever and I like it WAY more than the new Fin Nors.

Careful with this spring and the tiny little ball bearing, I 'glued' it to the end of the spring with grease for the re-installation

No salt in here

Clicker plate looks fine

Drag washer is OK, I didn't replace it, just the usual coating of grease

Some uneven wear patterns on the drag plate, not sure if this will be an issue or not?

Dogs look fine, just need cleaning and fresh grease. All the bearings were smooth.

Careful with the white slip washers, they are different thicknesses and they need to go back in the right order. Ask me how I know.... :-\

I made a bearing sleeve too. reassembly went fine, just had to re-do it due to the above mentioned washers going in the wrong place!



If anyone has one of these reels or a 50W and wants to sell it please contact me, thanks.


I take it that the new reels that you like less are the Santiago series.  What do you find preferable in the Ahab line, as opposed to the Santiagos?


Nicely done . Good point about the oiler ball using grease to hold it on. One slip and it's gone forever lol