Fishing in the Florida Keys

Started by Inodan3, May 02, 2019, 02:49:50 PM

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Can anyone recommend a fishing charter around Marathon in the Florida keys.  I will be taking a two 7 year old boys on their first charter fishing trip.  I know that it is called fishing but I heard that bottom fishing can be like shooting fish in a barrel.  Any recommendations are appreciated.

Also, if anyone has any tips with regards to shore fishing in the keys that would be great as well.  Like which island and which places might be rentable that has a fishable dock space?  I hear that is a thing.

Thank you all for your help.


I like to fish with Captain Ryan Von Fleet out of Tavernier key.   Jimmer
What - me worry?   A.E.Neumann


I was gonna answer the same. So out of all the charters in town you get two Ohana in a row high on Good Karma. Great captain and nice guy; Sailfish CC has Seadeck which is GREAT for fatigue and heat on bare feet....good for the youngsters (and my old knees). Ryan works as hard for your fish as anyone I've fished with; he's got heavy Daiwa spinners with braid on custom rods for bottom fishing, which will be easier for the kids than a 6/0, as well as lighter stuff for yellowtail.