first trip of the season on my boat!

Started by alantani, June 11, 2019, 06:05:36 PM

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took khanh, bob and kevin out for rockfish and lings yesterday.  we fished out of half moon bay, ran down to san gregorio, fished in 60 to 100 feet of waster. lots of big rockfish, cabs and ling cod, the blue ling that i caught was a hitchhiker. he grabbed a rockfish that i was bringing up and started heading to the bottom. i eased him up half way and he spit it out, so i dropped down immediately again. he grabbed a second time and let go when he was half way up, so i dropped down again. he grabbed it a third time, then leg go when i had him half way up, so i dropped down a FOURTH time!!!! this time, on the run down, the hook pulled out of the rockfish and caught the ling. i did not know at the time that he was actually hooked, so i eased him up slowly, ever so gingerly until he was up at the surface. khanh swung with the gaff and almost knocked him off, but the drag was backed way off so that the hook would not pull. i have to ease him up again, khanh stuck him this time and we had dinner!
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Ron Jones

How's the one trip a month coming?
Ron Jones
Ronald Jones
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a little behind.  the hard part is that i took two full days to do a full systems check on everything.  it started with $400 worth of fuel.  had to go through the vehicle, the trailer, the boat itself, the rods and the pfd's.  it won't be so bad now. 
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Wow, cool looking fish, and mighty aggressive too! Congrats!

David Hall

It's about time, I think your boat was beginning to feel neglected.


Nice looking ling! A pity that you had to invite him aboard so many times.


Love those lings. Great eatin, can be huge and they don't seem to have much of sense of danger. Looks like calm seas out there. I'll bet it was much cooler than on land. 102 in Fremont today.
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Maxed Out

We have some blue lings in Puget sound. I've heard the blue color comes from the diet of mostly squid, but i can't confirm that. The cool part is the meat is also blue, but turns mostly white when cooked. Nice job on coaxing the hitchiker !!

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Hi, my name is Lee and I have a fishing gear problem.

I have all of the answers, yup, no, maybe.

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That's an awesome colored cod!!!👍🏼👍🏼


Nice trip! Those lings are some tough customers
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That was one determined hitchhiker!  You earned a good dinner reeling him in 4 times!  Love the lings!

Alto Mare

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Nice catchin' Alan. Is the Blue Ling Cod the one that has the blue colored flesh? Does it taste different than the regular? Sometimes Swordfish have a orange colored flesh, they call them Pumpkins. I never noticed a flavor difference but some folks say they taste better.