Big Thanks to South Bend — They Don’t Mess Around!

Started by foakes, June 20, 2019, 03:24:03 AM

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wow, thanks for sharing the good action from this great brand

I have at least 3 rods and few south Bend reels that I keep for my family to use when we go fishing from shore on the rocks or pier, they are really tough for kids use.

The Baja Guy

Eddie K

Thank you Fred!  Thank you South Bend!  Looks like I'll buy a South Bend rod or two because of their philanthropy.


Way to go guys!! I am a big advocate of helping young anglers. For past 6 years I have been giving 2-3 rods & reels to young anglers. I was buying Mitchell 204 & 308's for this purpose, now a day ebay is out of hand with the prices. I do still have a couple flea market vendors, that give me good deals. I build UL rods, nothing fancy just very fish able. Thanks to a friend I met in a rod building site he gets me blanks cheap the last day of a national show. We have kid trout redoes in the area, if I see a youngster with a rig not par, I give them one. Along with a little history of the Mitchell reel, most older than their dads.

Gobi King

walmart has combos and just before winter they clear them out, I usually buy all they have for the kids fishing events my club hosts.
Shibs - aka The Gobi King


Walmarts are so short of help, they have not clearanced out much in the way of fishing the last year or so.  Hope it changes!