Pflueger Medalist 1626Z

Started by festus, July 21, 2019, 08:56:31 PM

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I've had this Pflueger a couple weeks, just getting around to looking at it today.  It was a grand total of $1.00 auctioned on ebay plus six or eight bucks shipping.  Looks to be about a 30 size spinner.  It felt and looked ready to spool some 8 lb mono on it and go fishing.....

.....but, I thought otherwise, let's see what's inside.

I like what I see, especially that anti-reverse assembly.  I've never owned one of those Shakespeare Ambidex 2400 series, but so far the gearing and a/r look similar. But this reel only has one ball bearing, the Shakespeares have two.

Standard right handed thread rotor nut uses a 12mm wrench.

The ball bearing was in good shape underneath all that grease.

Cleanup wasn't much of a chore.  I used Purple Power orange foaming citrus cleaner on the painted parts and lacquer thinner on most of the internals.  

Getting the pinion gear and bearing back in place.  I used Penn grease for lube.

Reinstalling the main gear....

....and reinstalling the axle.

Ready to button back up.

I was unable to locate a schematic, so I have no idea what's the deal here on the drag setup. Only 2 metal washers and 2 felt.

These reels weigh 11.04 oz unspooled on my scales.  Lines recommended are 230 yds 8 lb mono, 200 yds of 10 lb mono, and 110 yds of 15 lb mono.  In my opinion, 8 lb mono would be ideal and 10 lb mono at max.  

These reels were probably made in the very early 1980s.


There's nothing wrong with a few "F's" on your record....Food, Fun, Flowers, Fishing, Friends, and name just a few !


Good write-up & pics.  That drag looks suspect, mostly the plain washer, which I can't seem to figure would provide a stable surface for the felt washer to rub against.



  That's a good looking reel Chester, has a pretty decent build too. Looking at the that top metal washer in the drag stack keyed to the spool shaft? I can't tell from the pic. If it is, that would make the felt washer between it and the eared washer work correctly. Now the felt between the eared washer and the spool ain't gonna do a thing! I looked at other medalist models schematics, they had standard 3-stack set ups, keyed/felt/eared/felt/keyed/felt. Is there by chance room for two more washers?


Hey. mo is all over that drag thing.  Looking a little closer, what I thought was a plain washer might very well be a keyed washer.  But still, if you sandwich a felt washer between a spool bottom and an eared washer, NADA there, since the eared washer will be locked to the spool and there's nothing moving for the felt washer to rub against.