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Reel Repair by Alan Tani
March 30, 2020, 04:57:53 AM *
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Author Topic: BAJA FISH GEAR's Mean Green ACCURATE Xtreme BX2 - exposed  (Read 22228 times)
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« on: June 12, 2010, 11:01:08 AM »

cut and pasted with permission, from hoogan!

Quote from: Hoogan;1825877
Thank you to Baja Fish Gear for their superb customer service and for offering the incredible new Boss Xtreme reels in their exclusive "Mean Green" and "Ice Blue" Baja Fish Gear, LLC :: Reels :: Accurate :: Baja Fish Gear Exclusive Colors :: Baja Fish Gear Limited Colors (BX2-Speed Extreme Series & ATD Platinum)
Also to Matt Harper and Aly at Accurate Fishing for making things right every time. Also would like to thank Alan Tani for all the reel maintenace tutorials from whom I got this idea, and for sharing his vast knowlegde of reel repair and maintenance and willingly sharing it with other reel enthusiasts.
This is not a maintenance routine but rather a initial step by step corrosion proofing excersice which I perform to all of my reels before they ever hit the water, specially aluminum body reels which seem to be more prevalent to corrosion. I see multiple inquiries about reel care with emphasis in the outside of reels, but as those of us who tinker with reels, most of the damage is usually found internally where it remains unseen, sometimes until reel failure takes place. If you take the time and "corrosion proof" your reel it will provide you with extended trouble free performance.
I picked the new Accurate Boss Xtreme BX2 because it is likelly the ultimate fishing reel in every aspect of performance, drag capability and smoothness, ergonomics and workmanship, built in Corona, California, USA.
Accurate Home

Here they are, just incredible and they perform even better than they look, the 2-speed feature makes all the difference in the world when fighting gamefish.

Tools of the trade... love that Yamaha grease and Cal's reel & drag grease. For parts that require a lighter lubricant I favor Reel-X (after trying many of other products available) but will not hesitate using any automotive synthetic motor oil for parts like handles and free spool levers that require a drop of oil before every fishing trip.

First remove the right side plate screws, Accurate even provides you with the specialty tool.

Spool and right side plate come off as a unit.

I like to use the dull side of a single egde razor to remove the plastic cover to the c-clip that holds the spool shaft to the right side plate.

Carefully remove the c-clip and work the spool away from side plate, as seen bellow.

This picture speaks for itself in terms of quality of components, made with 17-4 Heat Treated Steel gears and shaft.
Incidently, Accurate Fishing delivers all their reels with a full coat of corrosion proofing grease right out of the box, but I also wanted to to touch up in any corners and crevices for added protection and add one small mod. to the lever drag mechanism.

I prefer the older non-rachet lever drag mechanism, so I'm going to remove the retainer clip in order to access the spring and ball mechanism in order to eliminate the ratchet device, I like a smooth ramp lever, no clicks.

There it is, but remember this step is strickly of my preference, as most would rather have the new ratchet mechanism.

I cover the hole with grease and seal it with aluminum a/c tape as seen bellow.

Obviously I save the spring and check ball for future use...

All internals are coated with grease to prevent corrosion, making sure you get the small crevices and corners, as well as all bolt holes.

Next remove the drag cover plate screws.

Here is one of the two "Twin Drag" that makes Accurates reels one of the smoothest drags of current production reels.
BTW, this is the way this reel came straight from ther factory - thoroughly coated with corrosion protection!

The "Twins"
I like a "wet" drag, so they will get a coat of Cal's drag grease before they get slapped back on the spool.

Quote from: Hoogan;1825881
Part Two!

Let's go ahead and coat the spool, remove the spool bearings, the spool shaft and protect them with a coat of grease.
NOTE - West Coast anglers like lots of free spool for optimum bait presentation, hence free spool time is crucial, in such case I remove the bearing covers, clean the ball bearings with a brush and automotive brake cleaner spray and coat them with either Reel-X or X-treme Reel +
East Coast - bottom fishing with 6 to 10 ounces of lead, trolling or even kite fishing do not require that much in terms of improving the stock factory free spool, so a well greased and sealed bearing is the ultimate for long bearing life. (incidently, this observation was initally made by Alan Tani and I took note and fully concurred, it made total sense)

Allow me to show you the lever drag ratchet holes built into the right side plate, that work with the spring & check ball mechanism, I make sure I apply grease above and bellow the teflon washer that goes in the drag cam post in the center.

Use an automotive grease gun with a modified basketball needle to coat every bolt hole before re-assembly, please find this priceless tool in Alan Tani's reel repair website
Now reverse the entire process and bolt everything back up.
CAUTION - Do not over torque screws, it is not necessary, you do not want to make the mistake I've made several times by breaking a bolt and having to use either a screw extractor or replace the part.

Joint the frame and the spool/right side plate, align the screw holes, lightly grease the screws and put together, remember easy does it...

Lets grease a problem area, the reel seat.

Let's expose the gear change mechanism which can be prone to siezing due to salt intrusion and grease everything up, before reversing the entire process.

Here we are, now your reel is fully corrosion proof and ready for long term and almost maintenance free action.
I am not a professional reel service guy, just an enthusiast.
I have the BX2-500 Mean Green with color matching Calstar Grafighter 800M for my 30lb. outfit.
and the BX2-600 also in Mean Green with matching Grafighter 850H for my 40 lb. outfit.
I specialize in fishing The Dry Tortugas banks (approx. 70 miles W. of Key West, Florida) for huge Black Grouper, Mutton Snapper and giant Amberjack (East Coast Yellowtail) my largest Amberjack to date is a 90 pounder caught with my BX2-500 on 30 lb. monofilament!
Good fishing and pray for the Gulf's ecosystem and for the fishermen affected by the spill.

send me an email at for questions!
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