is anyone here a fly fisherman? familiar with the reels?

Started by alantani, April 03, 2020, 04:55:24 AM

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Quote from: Gobi King on September 09, 2021, 04:50:40 PM
Check out the drag stack from my cheapo Okuma fly reel.

Okuma has:
1. Felt
2. Carbon fiber
3. Cork


I don't see the point of Okuma's thinking, either --sort like, gee lets fit as many types of flat washers on it as we can, somethings bound to work well.  Trying to make a fly reel with conventional & spinning thinking controlling their brain.

My vintage pre-98 Ross Gunnison G5, the largest Gunnison model, has a drag stack of 5 conical Belleville washers, with a thrust washer and two spring loaded plungers contacting the drag disc. In it's day it was consider bullet, bomb, & train proof -- BS, of course, no reel is, but it's still one hell of a tough reel with a spindle that is actually a large stainless steel ball bearing unit. I've had no problem living with the standard arbor --all the backing helps resolve that.

The top companies have been trying to get more progressive in their drag systems and skeletonized reel designs -- gorgeous & wonderful reels for sure, but I won't pay the kind of money they sell for.  The disc drag system reels I have continue to serve me plenty well, and me being almost 70 years old, they'll have to last me the rest of my life.

The Tibor and sw Abel afficianados sure seem to love their cork drag reels, whatever the pros or cons -- perceived, real, or somewhere in-between.

For almost all trout stream fishing, a drag system is overkill. One just needs enough to prevent spool overrun.  My trout reels are all classic spring tension click & pawl reels with plenty enough drag in itself, not to mention drag produced by the fly line & rod flex.