DAM 5204

Started by sciaenops, August 22, 2021, 08:28:18 PM

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My neighbor Roy Hebert recently passed at the age of 92.  Roy was a WWII vet who flew PBM's as a Navy flight engineer, and thus had a few stories. One of his favorites was making an emergency landing on Crete (or was it Cyprus?) and making some new Greek soldier friends.

His family gifted me this reel, which looks to be in decent shape/working order.

RIP Roy.  I'll try to catch something on your reel in your honor.

Wompus Cat

Very Nice Reel . Great Story ,Thanks for showing it .
PBM and PBY's were Hell of an Aircraft .
If a Grass Hopper Carried a Shotgun then the Birds wouldn't MESS with Him


Thanks for sharing.  In praise of good neighbors!