CRACK 100.

Started by Normslanding, August 14, 2020, 09:20:44 PM

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Hi all, I have a CRACK 100. I've owned it for around 60 years. It was in a box with my 30+ Langley Streamlites, and my 9 Targets.
So I thought I would clean it up and maybe use it. I have a missing side plate screw, that I need to replace. I looked on here and did not see much about the screws. Looked at a few places but can't find anything. I do not have the means to size it. Would anyone know the screw size?
               Dave S


Sal will know.  I have one of those large Crack but they may be a different size.  The important info is the diameter and number of threads per inch.  Then try to look up the screw size using an on-line table.  French made, 60 years old.....  It's going to be tough.

The other option is to drill and tap the reel frame for a slightly larger screw.  The local hardware store will have every thing you need.


Depending on the end goal, the thread size might be the easy part. Matching the look and/or feel of the screw head can be tricky in some cases.

Sidetrack thread: Pops has a pair of Dueces that have Dearborn Awards, one wrong fastener can be disastrous when judged!  :o Some "normal" looking oval head slotted screws, like 1/4-28 are nuts to find.

End thread highjack-