Dates for the 2020 trip - Oct. 2 to Oct. 10, 2020

Started by alantani, October 07, 2019, 06:03:19 PM

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The whole idea of it sort of gives me the creeps.


Quote from: tommyd on September 09, 2020, 12:33:51 AM
Hey Wai,
If you're on a boat with 24 folks for 8 days that seems like a quarantine in itself! If nobody is sick or gets sick on the trip you and all of us have already quarantined for the majority of you wifes requirement. The incubation period is usually quite a bit less than 14 days in any case. Lauren and I are very sad you won't be able to go this year. Sure hope we get to go!!!!'re going to have to tie your own bimini twist this year.  ;)


Well I'm going even if I have to drive the 2200 miles from GA to SD. Fortunately I have O Neg blood type which seems to be a low risk group for the virus. I've already had 5 fishing trips cancelled this year, and at age 71 I don't have all that many more fishing trips in my future. I also have an extra bed at the Ramada on Rosecrans if anyone needs a place to crash Oct 1st. (The Vagabond is full). I'm on the same floor as some guy named Stanley Tani.
I'm arriving around 11:15 AM on flight DL 798 from ATL. Should hit the Ramada around noon. Anybody want to meet for lunch?
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Dang, I,m gonna try practicing on land. At least I won't have to bring extra non-spinning reels! Still wish you were going.

Ron Jones

Gentlemen, I am out.

A few months ago, the opportunity arose for me to apply to present my ideas for future submarine operations. No one was more astounded than me when I was selected to be a main presenter. Apparently, my ideas have been found to have merit as my company has been approached to start work on maturing the concept.

This program will increase the US warfighting capability, make the lives of sailors significantly easier and has the potential to save billions of tax dollars. The schedule was firmed up this morning and it interferes with the SOA trip. As much as I love you guys, this work has to take precedence.

Maybe 21 will be my year,
Ronald Jones
Ronald Jones
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Hi, my name is Lee and I have a fishing gear problem.

I have all of the answers, yup, no, maybe.

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