ISE Show in Sacramento canceled

Started by Tunanorth, September 27, 2020, 02:11:11 AM

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Just got the word, ISE shows in Sacramento and Denver formally canceled.
Salt Lake and Phoenix shows will still take place.
That Sacramento show is usually my first opportunity of the year to interact with Alan in person.
Still waiting for the status of the Fred Hall Show in Long Beach, which is "The Big One".

El Pescador


Say it is NOT TRUE????

Man, for me, the ISE has been a winter lifeline - to spend a day (and over the years, I've been known to go back on Sunday for the last of the fishing lectures) away from my life and enjoy hunting, fishing, bird dogs, etc. and start planning my next trip.

I've taken my two Sons to the ISE since 1992, first here in San Mateo, then San Mateo closed and I've been going to Sacramento to enjoy the day with my sons & Lifelong buddy boy - Jerry.

I've bumped into Alan on occasion, in fact, Alan, I still owe you a beer!!!

for me, Jan. 2022 CANNOT come fast enough for me!!!!

Tunanorth, thank you for the update, I'll pass it along to my contacts.


Never let the skinny guys make the sandwiches!!  NEVER!!!!


steve, you're always welcomed to swing by the house for a beer!!!
send me an email at for questions!


Not to flog an obviously very dead horse, but the Fred Hall Shows [both L.A. and San Diego versions] are not happening in 2021.
HOWEVER, it looks like the ICAST Show will indeed take place in Orlando during the third week of July.


why florida in july???  it looks like july 20-23, 20211.  steve, if i can make it is there any chance you could score me a pass??? i'm supposed to be going to port hardy from july 21-25 but that might not happen.  i am still trying to see if there is any way at all that i can sneak on board the vagabond, july 28 to august 3rd.  never been to icast but i've always wanted to go!!!!
send me an email at for questions!