the list - SOA 2021, october 5-13, 2021

Started by alantani, March 05, 2021, 06:13:51 PM

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emails went out to the first 24 guys.  if you see your name among the first 24 and did not get an email, then i likely sent it to an old email address.  please send deposit checks in the next couple of weeks.  i need to get a deposit to anne marie by april 1st.  many thanks!  alan

1. Alan Tani - Saratoga, Ca (Paid in Full)

2. Bryan Young - Campbell, Ca (Deposit)

3. Ed Tani - Hayward, Ca (Paid in Full)

4. Brendan Duesterhaus - Livermore, Ca (Paid in Full)

5. Mike Pate - Leesburg, Ga (Paid in Full)

6. Tim Yamaguchi - San Jose, Ca (Deposit)

7. Lee Putman - Klamath Falls, Or (Paid in Full)

8. Wes Tsutui - Morgan Hill, Ca (Paid in Full)

9. James Libby - Stoughton, Wi (Paid in Full)

10. Dave Hoffmann - Morgan Hill, Ca (Paid in Full)

11. Warren Hamachi - Culver City, Ca (Paid in Full)

12. Wai Jung - Carlsbad, Ca (Paid in Full)

13. Russ Nakai - San Francisco,  Ca (Paid in Full)

14. Bill Barella - Crestline, Ca

15. Tomas Moffett - National City, Ca (Paid in Full)

16. Tom Dembski - Santa Cruz, Ca (Paid in Full)

17. Tracy Wong - Santa Clara, Ca (Paid in Full)

18. Gary Phillips - Fairfield, Ca (Paid in Full)

19. Don Scheel - Santa Clara, Ca (Paid in Full)

20. Mike Potts - Portland, Ca (Paid in Full)

21. Ron Jones - Quilcene, Wa (Paid in Full)

22. Tom McKinney - San Diego, Ca (Paid in Full)

23. Duane Winter - San Mateo, Ca (Paid in Full)

24. Roy Qi - Santa Barbara, Ca (Paid in Full)

Stand by list

25. Jeff Wun - San Francisco, Ca

26. Richard Nakaki - San Francisco, Ca

27. Caesar Ruivivar - Daly City, Ca

28. Mike Feinberg - Santa Monica, Ca

29. Bill Barella (Tarfu)

30. Stan Wong (Tracy's Friend)

2022 Standby List

1. David Tang - LaVerne, Ca

2. Rich Gunderson - Santa Rosa, Ca

3. Eric Gundersen - Temecula, Ca

4. Mickeyfin - Santa Monica, Ca

5. Peter Young - Riverside, Ca

6. Ted Measor - Washington

7.  Max Bunuon - El Granada, Ca

8. Tom Robinson - Overland, Mo

9. Mark Thomann - Mission Viejo, Ca

10. fwm0103

11. Robert Willis
send me an email at for questions!


I am afraid I will miss the trip again as I have an 8-day with the Searcher in the same month.  But I would like to join you guys in 2022.


crud, we're going to miss you.  have a great trip!!!!
send me an email at for questions!

Bill B

Is it possible to add me to the stand by list?   Bill
It may not be very productive,
but it's sure going to be interesting!


send me an email at for questions!


It is nice to see the names of those missing on the 2020 trip, and some of those that filled their seats.
Hi, my name is Lee and I have a fishing gear problem.

I have all of the answers, yup, no, maybe.

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Please add me to 2022 standby.


send me an email at for questions!


C'mon Wai pay up! You know you're going. You'll have shots by then.
The rail is your friend, no zing pow, on the iron wenches, I like broccoli!


send me an email at for questions!



For several weeks I've been unsuccessfully trying to book rooms at the Vagabond for the Cedros (Aug 29) and two SoA trips (Oct 4 and 22). Apparently the Vagabond on Scott St. is closed for renovation until mid-late June and will reopen as the Sea Harbor Hotel. And the prices will double to approx $250 a night.
I went ahead and booked a room with 2 double beds at the Ramada on Rosecrans for Aug 29. I stayed there last year and it was OK. Only a block from the marina. And about 1/2 the price of the "new and improved" Sea Harbor.
So Alan, you won't have to sleep in the truck.
GA Mike
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Hey Mike
Looks like you're going on the Grady White 10 day as well as Alan's 8 day.  Will be fun to fish with you again!

Crab Pot

If possible I'd like to be placed on the 2020 & 2121 standby lists please.

I leave on the Pacific Voyager last week in August.  ;D

Of course I meant 2021 & 2022..... ??? ::)
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Ron Jones

2121 will be an awesome trip, I hope you and my great great great grandchild have a blast!

Meanwhile, Im paid in full and airplane ticket is booked.

Can't wait!
Ronald Jones
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