T20 Handle attachment trouble

Started by Cuttyhunker, June 20, 2021, 06:11:50 PM

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I pulled the handle on this Titus T20 to ship it to myself from FL to MA.  Now I can't figure how to re-attach, the bolt seems to turn righty then bind lefty (Counter Clock) but seems to be not moving in or out as I twist it.  Removing it was unremarkable, can't recall if the nut was a left or right thread.  The inside of the handle hole is threaded.  Need some help here.  Thanks
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I've never even seen one of those in person.  Did you try tightening the drag so the shaft cannot turn.  The little rose flower clip must go on after the nut to lock it in place.


threading the handle on in the same way that you crank will get you on the right track!
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As Alan mentioned, the handle winds on clockwise, the handle nut is counterclockwise.