JigMaster Magnum Side Plates And Spool

Started by Black Pearl, June 20, 2021, 08:17:22 PM

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Black Pearl

Hi all,

I have not started any project since my brother Sal left us. Well, I think it is time for me to start again.

As I remember, Sal asked me to make some JigMaster Magnum stuffs. So, I going to make that JM Magnum side plates with 501 magnum or 99 magnum spool in the kit.

The left side plate will come with all inside parts. Both sideplate will come with SS bearing cap and Boca bearing.

I am hoping to keep the price between $200 and $220.

I will update this post as more info coming available on this project.

My resource is working on this right now. It should not be long.

Please let me know if you guy have any idea. To honor my brother Sal, I would like to engrave "Alto Mare Magnum" on the left side plate.


I love the thought that you would memorialize Sal with "Alto Mare Magnum" on the side plate. He sure is missed around here.



Great idea for a memorandum. I'm in.           Rudy

Black Pearl

Quote from: PacRat on June 20, 2021, 08:51:26 PM
I love the thought that you would memorialize Sal with "Alto Mare Magnum" on the side plate. He sure is missed around here.


I have missed that guy so much. I talked to him on phone almost 2 or 3 times a week back then.

David Hall

Wonderful Project and  I wholeheartedly support your efforts.  A production tank so to speak.  I would vote, if there were are a vote to be taken, drop the Magnum from the name, just go with Alto Mare.  It says everything.


"Alto Mare Magnum" will have special meaning to those that knew him, but it also actually makes a great name for a reel, since, (if you don't already know) "Alto Mare" translates to "high seas".

Black Pearl

Let take a vote on the name to be on it.


Alto Mare Magnum sounds great, sign me up for one! Fitting tribute!
Do what you can with that you have where you are


Alto Mare Magnum is an excellent choice. It says it all.


Quote from: RowdyW on June 21, 2021, 12:05:25 AM
Alto Mare Magnum is an excellent choice. It says it all.

I agree ! I only communicated with the man through PMs. But he was always more than willing to help with his vast knowledge and mechanical expertise... a man sorely missed ...
I would also be in for an "Alto Mare Magnum"

I would rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6...


Great tribute, Alan, and I couldn't think of a better project.  I'm certainly in on at least one Alto Mare Magnum.

Maxed Out

 Yes, Alto Maré magnum.

Maybe include a DD bridge too
We Must Never Forget Our Veterans....God Bless Them All !!


Im not even sure if I need one for my fishing style, but if you make them put me down for one!!!!!!
Then, of course you guys need to be ready for a million questions to help me build it.....I always relied on Sal's advice...... ;D ;D ;D
But seriously...Im IN!!!!

Wompus Cat

I never met Sal nor even communicated with him but being here during his life I feel like I knew him for a very long time and after reading almost all of his posts it has burned a memory in my soul.
A day hardly goes by that someone here does not mention him and I have personally learned so much from Reading his posts.

With that in mind and this worthwhile project to start I would like to submit something along these lines to Truly Honor and  Remember this Great Friend TO All Who  FISH .

I see no reason on this site and it's World Wide Presence  that Hundreds of these would not be ordered paid in advance .
I know this will raise the price of Production but can you Really put a price on such a

                               DEDICATED TO  
                        SAL CIARLANTE (ALTO MARE)
                          A FRIEND TO ALL WHO FISH
                      MAY 31 1959       OCTOBER 9th 2020

            or maybe
                                     IN MEMORY OF
                           SAL  CIARLANTE (ALTO MARE)
                          A FRIEND TO ALL WHO FISH
                        MAY 31 1959      OCTOBER 9th 2020

Each Reel Kit could have a pamphlet  with stories and facts about Sal and his love of Fishing and building Reels with excerpts from the site he loved along these lines

     THIS CUSTOM MADE REEL is dedicated to a Great Fishing and Reel Enthusiast who will be forever remembered as a Great Friend to anyone who knew him or ever read any of his posts on his home at Alantani.com
and continue with stories ,articles,things about Sal  some pictures .
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Great idea for a project Alan! You didn't mention what internals this magnum would use...is it 113H bridge/gears/drags?