Ocean City True Temper 603b Reels from Don - June 2021

Started by El Pescador, June 10, 2021, 01:30:50 PM

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El Pescador

Hi Wayne, could you be able to place some pictures of this Ocean City true Temper 603B on the forum for me please,

these two pic are before I restored it cheers Don.

Of course Don, I'll post your photos:

Now, after Don has cleaned up his new reel...

And with the fishing line installed.

And for an up-close and personal shot!!!

Don, very good job on photographing this reel.  REELY!!!! ;D

Never let the skinny guys make the sandwiches!!  NEVER!!!!


Came out good Don did you fix the drag up and are you going to try too fish with it ,I have a small collection of ocean city reels now I might have to try one one day



Nice work Don! Lokks like very solid one- I like the lugs screwed thru double posts. Sturdy.


There's nothing wrong with a few "F's" on your record....Food, Fun, Flowers, Fishing, Friends, and Fun....to name just a few !


Thanks again Wayne, Kim I found a canvas stile drag washer to replace the broken leather washer, I also rubbed the metal washers on wet & dry sheets, started with 600 then 1200, then 2000, then 2500, the drag is really smooth now, as you can see the posts & foot had a lot of corrosion on them, so they look a bit old & rough, although i did spin them in the drill smoothing them of with the wet & dry cloth as well, also buffed the plates, they look much brighter now, the decal was damaged, & also lifting, so I took it out cleaned the old glue of off the back, then used supper glue to set it back in place, it had a couple of creases in it, also a little of the decal was missing, I think I placed it back in the same position.
     I reversed the old mono, first running it through a detergent cloth, then through a wet cloth, to remove all the dirt & salt, then place it on with the outside on the inside, really looks much brighter now, almost like new, I am very happy with the restore considering its age, thanks again Wayne, cheers Don.
Don, or donnyboat


Me forget to mention, there is a spool of new braid, in one of the pics, power Braid, fishing corner, 16 strand 60Lbs-0.29 of a mm thick, ideal for jigging, really soft & smooth & thin, only down side to it, a mate brought it through Alibaba, they wont trade using pay pal, & I dont like quoting card numbers on the internet. keep well stay safe cheers Don.
Don, or donnyboat