Looking for a drag scale recommendation?

Started by pjstevko, August 27, 2021, 11:00:09 PM

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many leverdrag reels suffer from the pinion bearing that breaks if you pass the recommended drag so, in those cases is better to set you drag with a proper tool, in star drag reels this is not important.

in my case that some guys sent me their reels to install new drag washers, having a scale have helped me to show them their reels have the new drag kit and it reach the normal drag, almost never reach the "advertized" drag power but as long as its almost there Im good.
like in this case, this penn jigmaster had an slipping drag with no more than 8# of drag, drag washers were pretty flat of the use so I installed a new drag kit and tested the drag pulling line directly from the reel (we all know that the proper way is to install the reel on the rod and pull on the scale with the line and you will get more stopping power), anyway, I cans show the owner the reel reached 14# drag on the lab test.

when fishing with my star drag reels I set the drag with my hands LOL, leverdrag reels are set with the scale one night before going fishing.

BTW, I use a chantillon 50#  scale for the big reels and this 15# scale that I got from Lee few years ago.
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Quote from: oc1 on August 28, 2021, 04:51:21 AM
I don't really understand testing the drag with a scale.  I start out with a low setting and then increase it as I settle in and get my wits about me.  You can always use your thumb to add more pressure to set the hook.
Quote from: funhog on August 28, 2021, 04:26:59 PM
I'm with "oc1" on this one . If you fish regularly you should be able to tug some line off the reel and know real close what the drags set at. you should also get familiar with the bend in your rod at certain settings.  Most of my reels are star drags and as they heat up during a long hook-up the drag pressure changes . I can feel it and see it by the bend in my rod. For me, its comforting to know what the drag weight I want feels like and looks like on my gear. Deckhands on the party boats do it this way too when they set the trollers out, or watching out for customers that are hooked-up. Just my $.002 worth.  
YOU may or may not believe this , but my lever drag got so hot it boiled the blood under the finger nail .   
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I used to warm up my drags before setting.  I would do this on the boat, back rail.  I relieve the drags when storing.


Quote from: oldmanjoe on August 28, 2021, 07:42:22 PM
   YOU may or may not believe this , but my lever drag got so hot it boiled the blood under the finger nail .   
Ouch.  I was about to have dinner too.  Did you land the fish?