Questions about Jerry Brown 100# Hollow Core braid

Started by Mic, October 11, 2021, 02:27:18 PM

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 Good morning Fellers,
It's been a while. Been doing quite a bit of work lately and lots of Honey Do's around the house. Compound COVID deaths in the family, Son contacting Typhus and a week in the hospital....I'm ready to go fishing !

Been rebuilding my arsenal of fishing weapons after a barn fire at my sisters house where my rigs were being stored during my divorce, so It's a process.

Bought some 9' St. Croix rods to start with. Ambassadeur 9 and 10k Big Games. Two Komodo's. I like the stainless internals. Can't wait to hang into a big flathead with them 

Just ordered 1200 yards of Jerry Brown 100# hollow core. Now what ?

Been reading on knot's, splicing, arbor knots, tape if no post, no electricians tape. WOW !

Can hollow core be tied directly to the spool ?
Can hollow core be connected to a mono leader by two back to back snell knots ? Do I have to have a swivel ?

Well, headed out to work Fellers. I do appreciate yawl's input and any help you can offer me. Talk to ya in a bit


Alan Matsuno

If the spool does not have a post, the line can slip on the spool.

Instead of cinch, I use uni to uni.

FWIW, spectra must be wound on tight with occasional X pattern.  If not, the line may dig into itself.

So, line may spin on the spool and may dig into itself on the spool if not properly wound.


Tying spectra to the spool can be tricky if you have never used spectra. I do this: Wind the spectra around the spool 4 or 5 times, then cinch up and tie a good knot -- clinch, San Diego, uni, take your pick -- leaving a few inches of tag, then wind on your line. If done carefully, the should work. To be doubly careful, wind a few wraps of first aid tape on the wraps. Now fill the spool using a leather glove on your left hand and the line around a couple finger so that you can apply lots of pressure. The resulting spool of line should be rock hard. For attaching a leader, make use of your (expensive) hollow core, and insert your leader a few feet inside the line. Use a nail knot to cinch the connection and then put super glue on the last several inches of the splice.
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Alan Matsuno

When filling the reel, there should be a lot of pressure, maybe 30-40 lbs of resistance.  I saw two shop winders (triangle 400) burned up.  Do not try to apply pressure to the line when filling the reel, use a gloved hand on the edge of the spool.  Apply resistance with fingers will cut your fingers and you will not be able to "pack" your reel.

How many pounds of drag do you plan on fish with?

How do you plan to fill your reels?


Easy to splice loops in the hollow core they you can either buy pre made wind on leaders or make your own by serving mono/floro to sections of hollow. Lots of good videos on utube.  Splicing on on boat is a pain, loop to loop connections are pretty quick
To fill the reel plenty of tension is key
Do what you can with that you have where you are


Just checking, but, err, you're not using that JB on the Komodos or the Abus, are you?


Spool the line on just like Jerry Brown suggested. Leave a long tag end off the knot of yo-yo choice. Spool the line over that tag end. It will not slip.

My Swordfish reels are spooled with JB with a 300 yard top shot of mono. I do the same with my trolling Tiagra's. It will turn a 50W into and 80 with the extra amount of line.

Have the mono spliced into the braid. The main reason for using hollow core is for splicing.

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