Back in 11 days....

Started by alantani, October 23, 2021, 08:49:39 PM

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See you then!!!
send me an email at for questions!

Wompus Cat

Fair Weather and Good Fishing Boss !
If a Grass Hopper Carried a Shotgun then the Birds wouldn't MESS with Him


Do what you can with that you have where you are


That explains it!!! Have  great trip and catch a lot!!!


Met up with Alan, Peaches, and Warren at Denny's for breakfast. Made Warren explain why he turned down my offer of heavy spinner loaners for the trip... :D :D :D

After breakfast, helped the guys load their gear into carts in prep for boarding while the SOA was loading supplies and fueling.

Go get those fish that eluded us on the 8-day!!!


Good luck Boss!  The video tour on this mornings Zoom was really cool.  Hope that weather lays down out there for the trip! - john