Pfueger patriarch

Started by Benni3, September 12, 2021, 04:02:09 AM

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I have been using this reel for about 6 years and $200 dollars and about $100 dollars in parts not including pfueger fully serviced it 5 mounts ago free,,,, :-\ because they lost it for a month,,,,, :o brand new arm but i slipped on the rocks and bented the knob and it just broke off,,,,, >:( this part quadruped $40+ so for now i put a handle off my president xt,,,,, :) but order a gomexus 47mm power knob black and blue,,,,,, ;) I got drill it and you only got 1 shot,,,,,, :-[ any suggestions will help,,,,,,, ;D


start way too skinny & switch to progressively bigger bits (still way less than final ID)
that way OK to miss dead-center & final remnant will come out easy when it has no "meat in the middle"

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THe BEST way is to mount it on a Drill Press and you  can center your bore and the bit won't wander about .
OR you can place it in a vice between two pieces of wood or similar material to keep from gouging the arm and then I would suggest to carefully center your bore from the Back of the arm and use a Center punch to start your drill as even a Gorrilla's strength can not hold steady enough to drill from the Rough Side .
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Buy two DAM Quicks from Fred.

No losing reels, and not having spare parts :)


It came in today,,,put it on,,,work ok,,,,,and if the aluminum gets to cold when trout fishing i think a hand warmer will fit inside the 47mm knob,,,,,,,, ;D