cow out of PV for 3 1/2 Days

Started by ksong, November 15, 2021, 12:04:26 AM

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I am fishing cow on the Marlas Sportfishing for 3 1/2 days starting from Dec 10.
They are biting now and I hope they still bite when we fish.
We are going to use all Black Hole Giant rods and Black Hole Cape Cod 450g rods.


Thats a great photo ay, lots of good memories there, that would test your rods, cheer Don.
Don, or donnyboat


We had a good trip.
We had tuna upto 282 lb using all Black Hole Giant rods and Cape Cod Special 450g rods.

Wompus Cat

Nice Haul .
Looks like you had a Plumber along for te Trip  ;D
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