Join me at Morro Bay Friday Dec 17th on the Avenger 10hr trip!

Started by pjstevko, November 20, 2021, 04:55:03 PM

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Closing with a pic of Hwy 41 and the beautiful landscape, Homeward Bound, and a song from Simon & Garfunkel.  Glad everyone made it home, safe & sound!  Although some bug took you out of the trip, Alan, you were with us in spirit throughout.  Thank you for opening up your home!  The couch was perfect:  With Khahn's help, I tied some leaders & gadgets.  To my surprise, my wife had gotten a box of jumbo squid which had to be sliced up.  Thank you all for the fishes that I got to bring home!  

I'm with you, Bill.  I hit traffic at Gilroy all the way north to Concord.  

Yo, Adrian, I'll try your Steamed Fish recipe asap!  

While the fishing for me was a struggle, the comaraderie was worth the trip & good for my soul!!

Merry Christmas, Everyone!!


Almost forgot to include Nikola's calligraphy.  I have a video of his knife skills but unable to post due to an incompatible file extension.

Vintage Offshore Tackle

Quote from: El Pescador on December 19, 2021, 02:42:49 PM
Alright Kids, here we go...

Vanessa enjoying a burger at Sylvester's Burgers - a MUST TRY from Randy Pauley!!!!

The Question, Randy, WHERE ELSE is A MUST TRY when in Morro Bay area NEXT?????


I second PJs recommendation for Kuma, 2011 10th St, Los Osos.  I haven't been to all of the Japanese restaurants in San Luis Obispo County, but no place that I have been to locally comes close to Kuma.
A couple of other good hamburger joints in Morro Bay: Wee Shack, 1698 Main St., and Flavor Factory, 420 Quintana Rd.
I enjoy the Mexican/Fusion food at Taco Temple, 2680 Main St.  They usually have good fresh seafood dishes.  They are a bit on the pricey side, but you won't walk away hungry as the portions are generous.
I haven't had much experience with any of the white tablecloth restaurants in the area.  The few that I have tried have been disappointing.
For breakfast/brunch in Cayucos, Wayne and I tried the Lunada Garden Bistro, 78 North Ocean Ave.  The food was good, but allow lots of time as the service was spotty.

It was great to get to share a day on the water with everyone.  Sheridan and I shared the bow and he outfished me, as usual.  It was a very slow day by Central Coast standards, but Sheridan worked his jigs hard all day long for a good score.  I'm of the Alan Tani school and prefer to soak a couple of whole squid and let the fish do the work.  Everyone else fished the stern and it looked like good sacks of fish for all of them.

Thanks again to Alan for making his house available.  It would be hard to put such a great group together were it not for his generosity.  Thanks to PJ for setting everything up, and to everyone who helped put the two night's feast.  I wish that I could have joined, but my wife has me on a very short leash and I'm not allowed to spend time inside with a group of people.  Thanks also to Wayne for the great report and the banana bread breakfast onboard the Avenger, and to Khanh for the best corn muffins that I have ever tasted.  Hope that we can do it again next spring.


Thanks for the report and pictures, summed up the day well.  One question, Randy and I were in the bow and didn't see the deckhand for the first few hours of fishing. We asked her what's happening in the stern?  She said and I quote "it's a hot mess back there!"  What the heck were you guys doing back there?  Anyway saw some fat sacks at the end of the day, a successful trip by any measure.  Thanks for putting it together, definetly need to do it again!
Do what you can with that you have where you are

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Ask The Con Man (Khanh), as I affectionately call him, and PJ, they had a HUGE Red Fish attack on both of their saltwater offerings.

I'm 12 feet away, and only getting small fish.

I'd say the stern was where the action was UNTIL Randy showed up with the HUGE Ling Cod for the fish of the day.

Very nice to meet you, let's do this again.

Never let the skinny guys make the sandwiches!!  NEVER!!!!


From my perspective, I heard capt. brad say that we were making a move to the shallows after the third drop (or something like it).  So I switched rods & tied on lighter jigs.  Then he said "we're at 180" - that aint shallow, duh.  So I dropped it anyway, and eventually got into my first tangle with the other side.  I didn't know about khahn's huge red since I was having trouble getting any fish other than starrys to bite me.  I had one nice sized chucklehead at the first drop, but went quiet most of the day.

It's was nice to fish with an entire boat filled with experience fishermen.  We all knew what we were doing and the consequences of using light gear in deep water.  No need for loud, patronizing lectures from deckhands like what happened to me on the Star Fire (I noticed he didn't yell at the regular fishing next to me when he tangled up my line with his 6oz jig...just sayin).  That's how awesome the dh's were, and they kindly untangled us, while I apologized & switched to 16oz.   

We're all not getting any younger, so let's do as many more trips as much as we can.  I have two teens that haven't taken to fishing, so I need to be around for them and what they like to do.  Otherwise, I'm going to keep in touch with SoCal Rudy and his buddy, and maybe convince him to join us as a member of  Looking forward to some day fishing day trips out of SoCal and eventually the LR trips out of SD.  That's a whole new & different ballgame that I'm used to.  To be honest, five hrs driving is a really long ways to go for rf and really suck, but the kinships developed during the trip are priceless & makeup for the sacrifice.  You guys and gals are what makes head & shoulders above all the other fishing groups!


Neil - I'm pretty tight with Jim and Rudy, and they are looking to join the forum and there is a "rumor" that someone might be looking to come down and see what lobstering is all about?  :D  Also looking a little further down the road, we are planning as in year's past to hit the Fred Hall show in Long Beach on opening Weds - I usually catch up with Alan there but if anyone else is looking to make the trek....I will start a "Fred Hall" post when we get closer after the holidays.... - john


Hi John!

Lol, I resemble a similar conversation with them!  I was just talking to Mr. Bill about your an old commercial goes:  tastes great/less filling!
I'm still learning my way around the website; I'll shoot you a pm!


Scored some liquid gold just before xmas!  Glad there's a BJ's Brewcraft Restaurant just across the water in Concord!  Will make some pizza for the fam & enjoy the brew with my wife when they come home from school!


Did anyone find a couples Penn reel covers at the house?

I can't seem to find the 2 from the reels I brought there.....


El Pescador


I have not seen them since leaving the boat,

I did see a black reel cover stuck in with the rods not being used.

that was the last I saw of it.

Never let the skinny guys make the sandwiches!!  NEVER!!!!


The last place I remember seeing them was on the floor in the corner next to the dining room table.... They'll turn up our I'll just buy new ones


Nope but that reminds me to look for my phenix reel cover that fits over my okuma metaloid reel (it was an offer I couldn't refuse at the Sac Expo)