Difference Between Shimano Sidestab 2000RB and Sidestab 2000RD

Started by Walleye Guy, December 10, 2021, 12:57:30 PM

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Walleye Guy

I have a Shimano Sidestab 2000RB and really like it so I was looking for a used replacement.  I came across a Sidestab 2000RD but I don't know the difference between the two.  Do any of you know?  Both appear to be rear drag, three ball bearings, single knob handle and no Fightin' Drag.  Maybe the ratio is different?  Externally they look pretty much identical down to the colors.  Thanks in advance for any help.


same part#'s for gears, so MUST be same ratio
RD has the big line roller you can upgrade to ball-bearing...  nothing else jumps out
if you want a parts reel, NOTE: even though, from Bail to Bail Arm & everything in between
are different parts individually, you can probably swap the entire assembly as a unit, between RB & RD



Walleye Guy

philaroman, nice catch...I never would have thought about the bail being different.  Thank-you for solving the mystery!


I've played around w/ 90's Shimano rear-drags quite a bit
must say, yours has NONE  :(  of the attributes I look for (just the main ones):

  • MUST be Fightin'Drag, PERIOD!!!
  • MUST be Japan-made...  or dirt-cheap ;)
  • MUST NOT have QuickFire/FastCast casting trigger...  the trigger itself is OK, I guess,
    but it always comes w/ self-centering 1-point A/R, which I absolutely LOATHE!!!
    if you don't mind it, best version of your reel is 1991 original black Japanese Sidestab/Solstace/Symetre
    model would be SI/SO/SY-2000R w/ no 2nd letter A,B... D, etc.


this may be worth a look:
seems like complete original 1000R & 2000RD w/ missing trigger
pretty sure 1000/2000 R, RB, RD all use same trigger parts...  part#'s different from color, only
not much S/W in Iowa, so I wouldn't worry about the dirt...  keeps price down  ;)

Walleye Guy

Those two reels sold for cheap, so that would have been a good buy (I just saw the link now).

I laughed when I read your response because I haaaaate the Fightin' Drag feature.   ;D

I have a black Shimano CX-1000SQ that has it...

However, I do believe all my Shimano spinners are made in Japan (I think).