Cedros Sportfishing - August 29 - September 2, 2022

Started by alantani, February 01, 2022, 08:18:40 PM

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this trip will be the same as last year, a 5 day trip at the original lodge.  as usual, the "out of towners" will meet up the evening before for dinner, then all of us will meet at the CBX, cross the border into tijuana and fly to cedros.  here is the breakdown.  at this point, it's "first to post" to grab a spot.  looking forward to fishing the island again.  any questions, just ping me.  thanks!  alan

5 Day: August 29 - September 2, 2022

Trip Cost: $2,600 x 12= $31,200 
Half Day 6 Pangas $180 x 6=$1,080   
2 extra pangas 3 days: $2,400 
Less Charter Master Discount: -$1,100   
$33,580 by 12 = $2,798.34 each

1.  Alan Tani - Saratoga, CA

2. Tom Hryniuk - Los Gatos, CA

3. Rich Brethour - Tempe, AZ

4. Jack Bradley - San Francisco, CA

5. Mark Thomann - Mission Viejo, CA

6. Ron Jones - Quilcene, WA

7. Brendan Duesterhaus - Lemoore, CA

8. Stephen Steinhoff - Bluemont, VA

9. Mike Pate - Leesburg, GA

10. Ted Reyes - San Diego, CA

11. Ryan Wood - Hillsboro, OR

12. Todd Johanssen - Port Harty, British Columbia

waiting list



send me an email at alantani@yahoo.com for questions!


I can't wait!
Should we send payment to you or Rosie?



send me an email at alantani@yahoo.com for questions!

Ron Jones

Ronald Jones
To those who have gone to sea and returned and to those who have gone to sea and will never return


When I was your age Pluto was a planet!


I'm just looking forward to the 72hr pre-deployment checklist! ;D


Eight months to practice casting!  Shooting for no more than a couple of backlashes per day... :D

Ryan W

Looking forward to fishing with you guys again! Still working on some yellowtail from last trip...that stuff is gooooooood!


well, we lost rich gunderson but gained todd johanssen.  everyone should have their deposits in.  we will wait to hear from rosie about when she wants the balance.  thanks!!!!
send me an email at alantani@yahoo.com for questions!

Hardy Boy

Just talked to Rosie. There is a fuel surcharge of $ 150 per angler. Alan I gues we will pay that to Rosie when we see her?



Hardy Boy

Anyone want to share a room on the 2 nd ??